I have no idea.

I’m not a liar. So I don’t promise the people who vote for me that I’ll do one thing, and the people who pay me campaign contributions that I’ll do another. Tough spot.

I’m not a fraud. I don’t end my speeches with “God Bless America,” and then sit for 20 years in a church where the preacher pounds on the podium, yelling “God d–n America,” on Sunday mornings. I have no idea what I’d do.

I’m not a socialist or a communist, dressed up as a Democrat for the Halloween elections. I don’t believe that what other people earn belongs to me, or that my job as a member of Congress is to take their earnings and property away and redistribute it to the irresponsible, shiftless or down-and-out in return for the dependency vote every two years.

I don’t believe that other people are obligated to pay to raise my children. I think it’s wrong that others should be required to work in my stead – while I make the rounds of welfare mothers, creating more children who will grow up fatherless and end up on the streets or in prison, or be fodder for the abortion mills. But then, I’m not a Democrat.

I don’t believe that borders are racist or evil, simply because they separate different languages, cultures and legal systems. I don’t believe that illegal immigration should be ignored or justified, because it will help to re-elect me in the next election. But then, I’m not a Democrat.

I don’t despise the Constitution. I think it was written by men a lot smarter than me, better acquainted with the frailty of human beings throughout history, that it created the best government humankind has ever had, and that it still has plenty to teach me – if I will but let it.

I don’t think one alters the Constitution by appointing judges to bastardized it, by passing laws that contradict it or by entering into international treaties in an effort to subvert it’s meaning and protections.

I don’t think you win elections by accepting money from foreign billionaires to do their bidding, corrupting charities and registering illegals, dead people and aborted babies to vote in elections. I think that behavior destroys democracy.

As I’ve said, I’m not a Democrat. I have no idea what I’d do in the fall elections.

And that’s my point.

You don’t have any idea what a Democrat, trying to get re-elected to his or her seat in Congress, is going to do, either.

Do you actually think that someone who voted to socialize the health-care system and have it administered by the IRS – all without ever having read the legislation – can be trusted? Ever? Again?

Why would you take that chance?

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