This week, New York City was infested by a neo-Nazi: Iranian Islamic Republic President Ahmadinejad. Let into the country by socialist “Muslim” President Barack Hussein Obama and given a voice at the president’s favorite world body, the United Nations, A-mad (not to be confused with Yankees’ star Alex Rodriguez, or A-Rod, who has his own problems) proceeded to smear the United States during his General Assembly speech yesterday, accusing us of being the force behind Sept. 11, 2001. It was a disgraceful and more than outrageous performance that should have never been allowed to occur.

Indeed, how is it that the U.N., which claims to have severely sanctioned Iran over its nuclear program, welcomes him to speak before its General Assembly, as if he were a legitimate world leader rather than the Islamic terrorist he is? And, how is it that the U.S. delegation, obviously at Obama’s direction, attends A-mad’s speech only to be “forced” to walk out when, predictably, A-mad attacks the United States?

But if this is not enough, A-mad is deified by left-wing media during his visit to New York City. Predictably, the likes of Larry King host him on his television program, shaking his hand as if A-mad is decent, rather than the subhuman he is. Would Larry King have shaken the hand of Adolf Hitler, the “original” Nazi? And, King, who is Jewish, has trampled on the graves of six million Jews by hosting someone who has pledged to annihilate the state of Israel and, like Hitler, wants to pursue a “modern-day Holocaust.” But regrettably King – who fortunately has recently been fired by CNN for poor ratings – was not the only American media whore who has gotten down on his knees and begged “forgiveness” from the degenerate A-mad to boost television ratings.

Is there no sense of right or wrong or self-respect left among the “Left”? Will government leaders like President Obama, and former media icons like King, sell out their own people based on their brand of perverted leftist ideologies? The answer obviously is yes, and it is disgusting!

And, this is why the nation, which is now controlled and “governed” by these leftists, is on the verge of revolution. The left has gone A-mad!

So, it was in this context that earlier this week, I amended my complaint, brought for all Persians who have been tortured, maimed and executed by A-mad and his fellow Islamic fanatics in Iran, to include recently discovered atrocities that the regime is paying a $1,000 bounty to the Taliban for each American serviceman it can kill. The case, previously filed about a year ago, will now go forward in the federal court in Washington, D.C. (You can read the complaint at And, someday, in the not-too-distant future, we will have a trial where the victims of A-mad and his terrorist comrades, or their surviving family members, will be able to testify to these atrocities and seek large damages. Where our so-called government and media leaders have defiled our proud tradition of freedom and human decency, we must step in to set the record straight.

But what all this points out is that the nation is out of control. “We the People” must now legally take control. And, just as I had to bring legal action against A-mad, you too need to become superactive to prevent the destruction of the values and principles enshrined by our Founding Fathers. We must rise up and peacefully defeat the sinister forces of the Left, run by the likes of President Obama!

This column is short on words, but no more words are necessary. The country is in deep crisis, and this week’s leftist enabling of A-mad – a neo-Nazi Islamic fanatic who would like to kill as many noncompliant Persians and Jews and Christians as he can – more than shows just how severe and dire it is!

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