Delaware’s newly nominated for U.S. Senate Christine O’Donnell, who decisively defeated long-time Republican Rep. Mike Castle, who was heavily favored, told a Values Voter Summit in Washington, D.C.:

  • “Will they attack us? Yes.”
  • “Will they smear our backgrounds and distort our records? Undoubtedly.”
  • “Will they lie about us, harass our families, name-call and try to intimidate us? They will.”

That prediction/diagnosis came at the end of a Washington Post profile in which writers Sandra Somashekhar and Perry Bacon did just about that, in a Page 1 story.

Among other morsels they chewed upon was what these two reporters described as “a dribble of unearthed video footage of her comments on Christian morality.” For example, in one widely circulated clip from a 1996 MTV documentary, she decried “masturbation on religious grounds.”

How interesting that Page 1 of the Washington Post decries the decrying of masturbation! Does the Post believe that masturbation should be encouraged – or merely that no one should suggest that there’s anything wrong with weekly, or even daily, masturbation?

It brings to mind that interesting old song at Harvard:

For lack of recreation
they resort to masturbation.
There’s a hell of a situation down at Yale!

This Post story also reported:

  • “In another previously unreleased clip from 1999, she laughingly told a television audience that she’d once ‘dabbled into witchcraft’ and unknowingly had a picnic on what she called a Satanic altar.”

    That she told about this robs the expose status of what resembles almost a universal preteen and teenage experience of telling or listening to ghost stories.

  • “She started appearing on television as a conservative pundit, usually speaking on moral issues and particularly expressing her opposition to sex outside marriage.”

    Good grief! How insulting is this belief of hers to all those Washington Posters who are either adulterers or fornicators!

  • “In the 1990s, she expressed doubts about evolution and criticized homosexuality.”

    Good grief! Hasn’t the theory of evolution always been accepted by everybody – as has sodomy?

  • “She often railed against co-ed bathrooms …”

    Good grief! Does the Washington Post favor making all bathrooms co-ed? In our service academies, do they believe an end should be put to rooming all females with other females – in favor of all co-ed rooming?

The Post also reported: “The nonpartisan Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington says it will file a complaint with the Federal Elections Commission and ask the U.S. attorney in Delaware to investigate whether she used campaign funds for personal expenses.”

By way of response to this hardly unexpected maneuver, the O’Donnell campaign website reported that in less than one week following her dramatic victory over a perennial incumbent Republican congressman, there have been $1.8 million in contributions.

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