WND ran a news piece last week titled “‘Hate crime’ charges filed over heinous attack,” which referenced the case of 16-year-old Seattle resident Shane McClellan, who was abducted by two men on May 25 after one of them asked him for a lighter.

The lighter was a pretext, of course. McClellan was robbed and beaten over the course of several hours, whipped with his own belt, burned with a lit cigarette, doused with a beverage and urinated upon. During the ordeal, the two assailants, members of ethnic minorities, hurled racial epithets at McClellan and taunted him, making it “very clear,” as the youth later recounted, that they had attacked him because he was white. One of the assailants was Asian, the other, black.

The WND piece, which also carried my comments, contained several links about the story to local news outlets that cover the Seattle area, but there has not, to date, been one story in the national press regarding the case.

Not one.

Imagine, if you will, the thermonuclear reaction that would have resulted in the national press had this been a young black man who’d had the same thing done to him by two white men. There is simply no disputing that the story would have been national news for months. The Rev. Al Sharpton (whose claim to fame is having been involved in a case in which just such an occurrence was staged) would have jetted to Seattle within hours, as would Rev. Jesse Jackson. They, as well as dozens of other activists and civil-rights organizations, would, as I said when interviewed by WND, be screaming for the death penalty.

I also believe it bears mentioning, given the current state of affairs, that one of the assailants bears a Muslim name. Whether or not Ahmed Mohamed, who is black, is a practicing Muslim, it is a fair bet that he has at least had some education in traditional Islamic doctrine; more likely, he has been exposed to Nation of Islam dogma, which is fiercely antiwhite.

And speaking of antiwhite: Another news story that has cyberspace abuzz is that of the Nation of Islam’s clown kahuna Louis Farrakhan and members of the New Black Panther Party attending a secret meeting with Iran’s President Mahmoud “the missing link” Ahmadinejad in New York last week. It is a sad state of affairs when the black equivalents of the American Nazi Party and the Ku Klux Klan feel comfortable meeting with one of America’s sworn enemies on our own soil.

A sad state indeed …

In the meantime, the national press appears to be on the same page as the Obama Justice Department, in that outrage over hate crimes is reserved solely for minority victims. The DOJ has been under fire over the past few months for their (possibly criminal) mishandling of a case of voter intimidation involving the New Black Panther Party.

All of this due to negrophilia, the doctrine detailed in my recent book, “Negrophilia: From Slave Block to Pedestal – America’s Racial Obsession.” In it, I detail the malignant motives and methods whereby the political Left has inculcated a perverse perception of race into the American worldview. Among the results of this have been hopelessness and anger on the part of blacks, intimidation and guilt on the part of whites and acquiescence on the part of Americans at large.

As indicated in the book, this racial orthodoxy is but one malevolent device being used by progressives in their shepherding of us toward communism.

This is also the reason for the veritable barrage of this sort of press with which we have been assailed over the summer. Our communist president, his cronies and this Congress are in a state of high anxiety that goes far beyond polls, deficits, unemployment or the economy.

A cornered foe can be among the most dangerous. Mark my words: The very least to which we have to look forward over the next five weeks is one of the ugliest election cycles we have ever experienced. Communist operatives who had orchestrated the takeover of America for 50 years were at the brink of victory. They’d hoped there would be just a few million more Americans sufficiently deluded or cowed that the insidious, subtle garnering of the last of our freedoms would be child’s play.

But they were wrong. Since these parasites don’t acknowledge America’s uniqueness and spirit, they could not anticipate the current scenario.

Americans will not allow this nation to become a sterile, communist collective ruled by conceited, soulless, inconsequential beings with no vision. We have become weary of their lies and the arrogance of their ignorant, unctuous toadies. With the upcoming midterm elections, they suddenly see their long-sought prize slipping away forever, and their confidence is waning – but ours is not.

Conscientious, patriotic Americans are now at work – yes, hoping and praying that we will be able to extricate this parasitic invasion peaceably. These aberrant miscreations of mind and character need to know, however, that prostrating ourselves to the likes of them is not one of the options on the table – under any circumstances.

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