As if President Barack Hussein Obama’s and his Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton’s disgraceful policy of appeasement toward the barbaric and butcherous Islamic regime in Iran were not enough to turn the stomach of all those who believe in freedom for Persians and other deserving peoples, the administration has brought us yet a new outrage. And, ironically, this time it’s at the expense of the appeaser in chief, President Barack Hussein Obama. His do-nothing, pandering and disgraceful foreign policy toward his “soul brothers,” the Muslim mullahs of Tehran, has now even backfired on him.

It has been learned that the Persian News Network, or PNN, of Voice of America, or VOA, which as I wrote previously recently destroyed a beautiful, articulate and popular Persian international broadcaster, Elham Sataki (see my prior column titled “The government war on a freedom-loving beauty“) because of her pro-freedom political views, aired a History Channel documentary on the degenerate, low-class comedian Sacha Baron Cohen, during the time slot that other networks, like PNN/VOA’s competitor, the British Broadcasting Network, were televising live the speech of President Obama to the General Assembly of the United Nations. Cohen, who was the writer, producer and an actor in the film “Borat” is a comedian whose recent movie, “Bruno,” was so disgusting in its graphic and mocking portrayal of homosexuality and bestiality that even Barbara Walters, that venerable mainstream media apologist of all causes permissive and leftist, panned it as highly pornographic and not fit for children, let alone decent adults.

(Editor’s note: Content in the following video may be objectionable to some viewers.)

While Obama’s speech to the U.N. was hardly “Lincolnesque,” and in fact itself disgraced the United States in its timidity toward the cause of freedom and the Iranian Islamic regime, PNN/VOA’s airing of Cohen during the president’s speech made more than a mockery of our nation and subverted the seriousness of the Persian freedom movement. It was as if PNN/VOA were laughing at all those brave Iranians who have been imprisoned, tortured, maimed and executed in their heroic quest for freedom. To say this was disrespectful – and “respect” is an important concept in the Persian culture – would be a gross understatement.

And, who was primarily responsible for this latest outrage at PNN/VOA? None other than the senior managing editor of the network, Ali Sajjadi, a man who was forced to admit to a caller on the PNN show “Static” that his father is a mullah and who, when asked about PNN/VOA support for the Iranian freedom movement, told the listeners that they did not need support since the movement got “grants” – an Iranian Islamic regime catch word for CIA money. Sajjadi, who has ties to the communist party and whose sister I have learned apparently works for the Islamic regime in Iran, is under investigation by the FBI. I know this because I started this investigation.

Sajjadi is also the person who participated in destroying Elham Sataki, the pro-freedom broadcaster who fled Iran and later came to PNN/VOA to help bring freedom for her people. Ellie’s family had been prominent in the government of the Shah and many were executed when they attempted to overthrow Ayatollah Khomeini. For this, Sajjadi enthusiastically retaliated against her after she was sexually harassed by one of his friends at PNN/VOA, Mehdi Fallahati, to drive her from the network. Sajjadi actions drove Ellie into severe depression and a nervous breakdown, a cowardly and vicious act for which he remains unrepentant. His treatment of this woman was consistent with the way the Islamic regime itself terrorizes and harms women and their rights under its implementation of Shariah law.

How then can Sajjadi be permitted to remain at PNN/VOA, and how did he get past a routine government security check before being hired? While these are questions that must be answered, the scariest fact is that he is still in control of programming and production at PNN/VOA. This is particularly harmful during a time that the United States and the world need a strong “voice” for freedom in Iran, as the mullahs are close to possessing atomic weapons, continue to imprison, torture and execute members of the freedom movement and are stepping up their support of terrorist interests bent on wiping Americans, Jews and Christians from the face of the earth. In this regard, it has recently been reported by the Times of London that the Iranian Islamic regime is paying $1,000 – a bounty – to the Taliban for each U.S. serviceman its murders in Afghanistan. Indeed, I recently amended my class-action lawsuit filed on behalf of the Persian freedom movement against Iranian President Ahmadinejad and his Islamic mullahs to include the families of American servicemen who have been killed as result of this bounty. And, I have other legal cases up my sleeve, so stay tuned at

So what can Americans, Persians and others who support freedom also do about this? I would suggest that you start by writing to your congressmen and senators and the Broadcasting Board of Governors at VOA at 330 Independence Avenue NW, Washington, D.C. 20237, to demand the removal of Sajjadi from PNN/VOA. And, get the word out far and wide that you will not sit back and watch the desecration of the principles of our country’s Founding Fathers furthered by a VOA which is working against freedom and liberty. While we may not like President Obama’s policies and actions – and I for one am disgusted by the way he has “governed” our nation and failed to support the Persian freedom movement – as our president he deserved to be treated with respect and have his speech to the U.N. televised by a VOA, which we support as taxpayers.

Whether you think Sacha Baron Cohen is funny or not, this is not a laughing matter!

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