You’re in a car rocketing down the highway at 100 mph with a progressive at the wheel. As if that’s not terrifying enough, he’s heading for the jackknifed gasoline tanker a mile up the road and shows no signs of slowing.

When you describe the grisly, flaming death you both face if he continues on this course, he argues that this will not occur and that you don’t have any reason to believe it should. When you affirm that it will, citing the evidence of history, physics and collective human observation, he accuses you of having fabricated the evidence. When you ask him what one should expect when one slams an automobile into a jackknifed gasoline tanker at 100 mph but to be transformed into Hamburger Helper, he denies that you are in fact traveling at 100 mph. When that doesn’t shut you up, he rebuffs the idea that you’re even riding in a car.

It boggles the mind, but that’s precisely what you get when attempting to reason with progressives. I was on the radio with a prominent fellow recently who described himself as a progressive. When he stated his core values, one would have thought he was a conservative. I suppose this was for public consumption.

In fact, I thought he sounded a lot like our president …

When it came around to conveying his reality, however, the conversation got really bizarre. Everything he offered was boilerplate far-left drivel: Progressives are benevolent, conservatives malevolent. Everything conservatives have proffered over the last 50 years has been outright lies and patent idiocy. Reagan was the worst president we ever had, and big business is trying to take over the entire Milky Way galaxy. He denied all logic and evidence, and all of my questions went unanswered. Last of all, he held that there is no reason whatsoever to believe President Obama has a radical bone in his body, that he’s moved us a quantum leap to the left and that he intends to turn the U.S. into Venezuela.

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I could only come to the conclusion that the gentleman was profoundly deluded (doesn’t believe Obama intends to turn the United States into Venezuela), or evil (wants Obama to turn us into Venezuela), because he certainly wasn’t stupid (doesn’t know where Venezuela is).

I’ve gotten a lot of feedback from my columns of the last few weeks, which have been admittedly a bit more frank and peremptory than usual. Many of the people who have contacted me have spoken to my being “courageous” for declaring quite plainly that our president is a communist and is deliberately sabotaging every facet of our society over which he has any influence at all, in order to usher in a Soviet-style America. Others are impressed with my dissecting of race politics and illustrating how it is calculated to play into this ultimate dissolution of our political and economic systems.

After looking up several definitions of the word “courage” to assuage my perplexity with respect to these accolades, I was affirmed in my assessment, which follows.

Perhaps my perceptions are skewed for some reason I have yet to fathom, but it occurs to me that expressions of courage manifest when one is facing some sort of danger or threat, real or perceived. I suppose I don’t see my actions as particularly courageous because I don’t perceive a danger or threat – at least, nothing compared to that which awaits us all if I and others of my worldview remain silent.

I also wonder how the good people who’ve bestowed these compliments – which I deeply appreciate – view the situation at hand. Is there any threat or danger that should be grounds for Americans to mutely accept the subjugation of our nation by a communist cabal? Even if one casts aside the selfish reasons (not wishing to live in hopelessness and squalor under excremental thugs), I would imagine that preserving what America represents would be enough. After all, we’ve sent American soldiers to fight and die to preserve the societies of our allies, and even those who don’t much care for us, so why not take some risks when it comes to saving our own skins?

Occasionally, people sympathetically comment on all of the flak I must get for speaking out against the progressive racial orthodoxy that has kept black Americans in thrall to the political left. I typically respond that if the freedom marchers of the Civil Rights Movement could endure being excoriated, arrested, spit upon, beaten and occasionally killed, than I can deal with a little invective.

The founders of the United States of America pledged their lives, fortunes and sacred honor toward establishing this, the greatest, most gracious and most successful nation in history. The very least we can do is to dedicatedly commit our time and passion toward defeating the deluded, the stupid and the evil who are bent on its destruction.

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