Last Tuesday, along with my client, brave and tragically injured first responder Vincent Forras, a lead plaintiff in the class-action lawsuit I filed on the eve of Sept. 11 against the Ground Zero mosque and its imam (see the Freedom Watch website), I traveled to the federal courthouse in Manhattan to attend a hearing concerning another and inherently related lawsuit brought by victims of 9/11. This case, which seeks to obtain compensation for the damage done to these victims against the New York Port Authority, airlines and others who were negligent in allegedly creating the conditions for the terrorists to attack the World Trade Center on that infamous day, was before the Honorable Alvin K. Hellerstein, who has presided over this matter for eight years. During the hearing, a mountain of lawyers from all walks of New York jurisprudence sat silently as the judge set the final timeframe for either settling all outstanding claims by the myriad of victims, including my client, Mr. Forras, or going to trial.

As I sat in the courtroom with “my client Vinnie” and took in this spectacle, with money-hungry lawyers putting their own interests ahead of their victim clients, another spectacle was taking place in the same federal courthouse. Indeed, as I entered the building that day I would not help but remark to Vinnie that I had never seen security like this in any federal courthouse. That was because downstairs, the indicted and now convicted Times Square bomber, Faisal Shahzad, that homegrown American-Pakistani terrorist who had tried some months back to detonate a bomb in Times Square but who, thanks to the grace of our God (not his), failed due to his own incompetence, was being sentenced.

And predictably, Shahzad used the occasion to lay out the agenda of politicized Muslims worldwide to destroy our Judeo-Christian culture, our nation and the Western world. Just prior to being sentenced to life imprisonment without parole, this “American” – who just months earlier had taken his oath to be a U.S. citizen – had this to say, invoking the name of Osama bin Laden, in honor of Allah and Islam:

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“We do not accept your democracy or your freedom because we already have Shariah (sacred Muslim) law and freedom. … The past nine years, the war with Muslims has achieved nothing, except it has waken up the Muslims for Islam.

“We are only Muslims trying to defend our religion, people, honor and land. But if you call us terrorists, and we are proud terrorists, and we will keep on terrorizing until you leave our land and people at peace.

“If I am given a thousand lives, I will sacrifice them all for the cause of Allah fighting this cause, defending our lands, making the word of Allah supreme over any religion or system.”

Intentionally and in “our face,” using the words of former President George W. Bush after Sept. 11, Shahzad threatened, “You are either with us or against us. And so it’s very clear for us Muslims, either we are with the mujahedeen or we are crusading Jews and Christians. … There is no in between.”

Shahzad concluded by saying, “… so that when you meet Allah on the day of resurrection, you be will not be able to say nobody gave you the message … Allahu akbar (God is great).”

Shahzad’s message that day was nothing new or remarkable, but it was well thought out and cogent – obviously written for him while in prison. It was a renewed declaration of war against Christians and Jews and our way of life. It was a statement to brave heroes like my client Vinnie that while they – for eight years – have to literally beg the U.S. legal system to finally and adequately be compensated for their pain, suffering and loss, terrorists can use this same legal system to threaten more Sept. 11’s!

Across town in New York City that rainy day stood the future site of the Ground Zero mosque, with four NYPD police cars incredibly guarding it against we Christians and Jews – at taxpayers’ expense. And likely inside that day was its imam, Faisal Rauf, who did not bother to speak out against what Shahzad had just proclaimed. Rauf, a friend of President Obama, and agent of the Clinton State Department (as he just went on an overseas trip on its behalf) and a so-called moderate Muslim cleric, did not want to speak out!

Silence is golden, particularly for people who wish to continue living in our civilized society but yet, through actions like building the Ground Zero mosque, want to continue to terrorize it nevertheless in the name of Allah.

Yes, Allahu akbar – God is great, but not “the one” that Shahzad and Faisal “worship,” thank God!

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