Liberal critics who dismiss talk radio hosts as ignorant blowhards would be shocked to learn that one of the industry’s living legends is fluent in 25 languages.

That man is Barry Farber, who just entered his 50th year in the radio industry. Farber, who also writes a column for WND, was honored at the prestigious Paley Center for Media in Manhattan this week.

One hundred talk show veterans turned out for the celebration, and even outspoken liberal commentator Alan Colmes praised Farber as “a southern gentleman.”

Farber acknowledged that the business and culture of talk radio has changed a lot since he made his debut.

“I was big in the old days,” he quipped, “and now I am old in the big days.”

Rush Limbaugh

In an exclusive interview, Rush explained why he went on the controversial animated show “The Family Guy” last Sunday, pointing out that the show’s producer “was among the FIRST to reach out to me in Hawaii when I had that heart scare.”

Later, in the Washington Times, Michael Taube praised Limbaugh for “going into enemy territory” on national television and “coming out a winner,” writing, “I firmly believe Rush and Mr. MacFarlane’s collaboration could stand as one of the most brilliant pieces of satire involving conservatism, ever. That’s to the credit of both men.”

Limbaugh embedded the full episode on his website (FREE video – NOTE: language may not be suitable for all viewers).

However, any controversy about the show was swept aside this week when Limbaugh called President Obama a “jackass” (FREE video).

After answering his critics, Limbaugh joked, “You know, honestly, if these guys don’t like the term ‘jackass,’ then why did they make it the symbol of their party?”

Sean Hannity

Sean Hannity and Ann Coulter got together on the radio this week to discuss the coming election. Both warned listeners to take nothing for granted in November.

“I’m trying to warn people about three things,” said Hannity, “first is that we can’t be overconfident, the second is that this is only phase one of a two phase strategy and third, I’m trying to manage expectations.”

Coulter replied, “This is not D-Day for Republicans, but this is how we stop the country from going down beyond the point of no return; it’s not the end of the fight.”

On the subject of elections, Hannity welcomed GOP candidate Joe Miller of Alaska and California’s Meg Whitman (All audio is members only).

Talk radio fans got two for the price of one when Hannity called Mark Levin to chat about politics during “the Great One’s” Tuesday night show (FREE audio).

Mark Levin

The Media Research Center just launched a radio ad campaign challenging “the liberal media’s lies and dishonesty during this critical time.” The ad features Mark Levin’s timely message to listeners (FREE audio).

From his popular Facebook page, Levin called upon the IRS to investigate Media Matters, the non-profit “media watchdog” that he says is using tax-exempt funds to promote a one-sided political agenda.

Levin explained, “While it attempts to intimidate and silence others, Media Matters uses tax-exempt funds to promote Obama and the Democrats, and it uses the Internal Revenue Code to conceal the identity of its donors. This is why I call it a criminal front group.”

On the air, Levin took aim at Fox News commentator Bill O’Reilly, who he says didn’t properly credit him as the one who first challenged celebrity attorney Gloria Allred’s credibility (FREE audio).

Michael Savage

The “manifesto for saving America” is here at last! Michael Savage’s new book was released this week. “Trickle Up Poverty: Stopping Obama’s Attack on Our Borders, Economy and Security” is Savage’s 37-point plan for the nation’s future.

He told WND that, among other things, he wants “to see Norplant, the embedded contraceptive, required for all women on welfare.”

“That’s a revolutionary statement,” Savage admitted. “But should we permit women on welfare to keep knocking out babies to increase their benefits? Only an insane society would permit that.”

Savage made a rare television appearance to announce the book’s debut, on the show “San Diego Living”:

Laura Ingraham

Laura Ingraham is looking for interns! Those chosen to work on the program will get “hands-on experience in show production, audio and video editing, segment creation, guest booking.”

She adds, “Our interns become part of our family, and some have gone on to become Laura’s full-time producers!”

The application is online.

The tables were turned as Ingraham went on “Imus in the Morning,” to talk about everything from Eliot Spitzer’s new cable news show to candidates in the November election. She cracked Imus up with her imitations of female Democrats like Janet Napolitano (FREE audio).

Back behind her own microphone, Ingraham was joined by author Dinesh D’Souza, Senate candidate Dino Rossi and Senator Mitch McConnell (FREE audio).

Glenn Beck

Glenn Beck’s “Restoring America” tour got off to a rocky start when only 700 fans turned out to hear the radio host and author at a 8,000 seat venue in New Jersey.

However, that didn’t put a crimp in the media’s non-stop obsession with Beck, with Yahoo! News writing an article about … the media’s obsession with Beck.

Meanwhile, an unflattering “mash up” video dubbing Glenn Beck’s voice over an old Donald Duck cartoon went viral; Beck himself praised the hard work that went into the “artistic” attack – then wondered if the artist got federal funding.

Some said Beck was snubbed by his hero, Governor Chris Christie, during his visit to the Garden State.

However, well aware of his own divisive reputation, Beck told Christie through his radio program, “You’d be stupid to meet with me” (FREE webcam).

And now, from the left side of the dial …

It’s “the first rule of talk hosting: never turn against the audience,” explains Radio Equalizer Brian Maloney. “Never, never, never.”

Then again, Al Sharpton is barely a talk radio host. He has no real qualifications and hardly any audience. And his listenership probably shrank this week after he delivered an inarticulate tirade about how lazy they all are!

No, Sharpton wasn’t challenging his audience to look for work or finish their education. He wanted them to campaign for the Democrats next month, but sensed that none of them was interested in doing the “hard lifting” during this election (FREE audio).

The clear implication was that Sharpton, their self-appointed champion, was sick of “doing the hard lifting” for his ungrateful constituents. Maybe the “Reverend” should take a break from his “activism,” then. He’d be doing us all a favor.

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