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Ahhh, fall is here. Nothing better. The brilliant, bright, vivid colors that fill each yard with … campaign signs.

And they have never been brighter than this year – even in Cuyahoga County where signs for Republicans: John Kasich for governor, Rob Portman for Senate and Tom Ganley for Congress, fill nearly every decorated yard. Other decorated houses display monsters, witches and vampires who are also running for office.

With a drive over the county line you’ll see signs for Bill Batchelder – the next Republican speaker of the Ohio House. It’s like a breath of fresh autumn air.

Signs are everywhere, like when Obama visited Chicago and was greeted with these:

  • Read My Teleprompter NO NEW BAILOUTS

  • I listed the fed gov’t as a dependent on my taxes this year
  • Slavery begins with “mandatory volunteering”
  • Socialism: Tax dollars at work for those who don’t

An illuminating look at the real-world results of Marx and his many followers — and how they’re influencing the future of America: “Socialism: A Clear and Present Danger” DVD

Here’s some that showed up on the West Coast:

  • Put the Constitution on your teleprompter!

  • We the People … WE’RE BACK
  • Don’t share my wealth, share my work ethic
  • Don’t tell Obama what comes after a trillion!
  • Rejecting socialism isn’t racism, it’s patriotism!
  • Instead of apologizing for America apologize TO America

Obama likes to talk about people getting “fired up.” They’re fired up all right. Here are some of the signs in Middle America:

  • I am not your ATM

  • I want my America back
  • I didn’t serve 22 years for socialism
  • Thanks. I’m off the sidelines now
  • We can see November from our house

And in the East and South:

  • Face it: your plan stinks and we are broke

  • Obamanomics: trickle up poverty
  • Communism failed, you morons
  • No – You can’t
  • Voter remorse – ya think?

I only wish I could put these signs in my yard. But more importantly, they are in the hearts of Americans for whom November can’t come fast enough. Democrats have forgotten their duty is to serve America – not destroy it. They have become the party of death, to innocent children, small business and our freedom. They think the way to a better America is to tax us into servitude and kill every job-providing business.

It just dawned on me: The Obama mob wasn’t cheering when the Berlin wall came down – they were actually rooting for communism! Yes, they must have been devastated when freedom beat communism because Obama and his junior tyrants have been building a wall of communism to match their beloved East German model since they took office.

The good news is this is still America – and on Nov. 2, America is going to tear down that wall.

According to a Rasmussen survey of 1,000 likely voters conducted Oct. 6-7, 63 percent of voters now say they are “angry” at the policies of the federal government, with 43 percent who are “very angry.” There’s a reason why people are angry, and it isn’t George Bush.

The Associated Press reports the jobless rate has been nearly 10 percent for 14 months – “the longest stretch since the Great Depression.” Add to that the “underemployment” rate of part-time workers who would rather be working full time and those without a job who have given up looking, and you’ve got 17 percent more.

Pat Buchanan stated last week that 41.8 million Americans are now on food stamps, and the White House estimates 43 million will soon be getting food stamps every month. A seventh of the nation cannot even feed itself. Newt Gingrich refers to the Democrats as “the food stamp party.” He’s right, and it’s crushing every small business in America.

The revolution is here. Americans will pull the lever and tear down the wall. Join the revolt against the East German model of America and take our country back by downloading voter guides and Congressional scorecards at www.f2a.org. Send them to your e-mail and Facebook lists with the good news: The power-drunk Marxists are about to be fired.

Then, go get some brightly colored yard signs and decorate your yard.

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