There has been a great deal of excitement, pomp and pageantry taking place over the last week or so in North Korea, having to do with the recent announcement that Kim Jong-un, son of dictator Kim Jong-il, will succeed his father in power. Over 100,000 people were said to be preparing for a spectacular military review this week, in which father and son would appear side-by-side to confirm Jong-un’s inevitable ascendency to the world – and, no doubt, the people of North Korea. I suppose it’s something like a coronation.

I heard the account of a Western journalist assigned to cover the event on site; he described the dismal countenance of people during the long trip en route to Pyongyang, and neglected, barren farming and rural areas. All of this changed when they arrived in the capital, the seat of Kim’s power and the military; everything there was polished, glowing socialist sterility.

Now, we all know that Kim Jong-il is a self-indulgent, odious swine and an extreme hedonist; this might actually account in part for his failing health. The West’s refusal to squish the little troll is also admittedly embarrassing and shameful. His power is preserved via his international connections and the military, which has the best standard of living in the country – next to Kim – while millions perpetually fight levels of famine legendary for a modern, developed nation.

As I beheld this snapshot in North Korea’s history, I could not help but think: Now, this is socialism at its best.

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Not at its worst, mind you – that’s our perception; at socialism’s worst (in principle), the masses retain a modicum of power, like in Europe, Scandinavia or the United States. Even in China, with their economic evolution, a good socialist could argue that the government is risking its future and its power, as its people become accustomed to the comforts and gratification of capitalism. In North Korea, Kim has absolute power, a formidable military machine and people who are – in the practical and literal sense – too weak to challenge him.

Which brings us to the issue at hand …

Over the last few days, I have stepped up my efforts toward admonishing some (and perhaps chastising others) that too many Americans are still mistaking President Obama’s unwavering focus on his Alinksyite protocol – decimation of American system – for cluelessness. Some of this presumption has been due to the president’s policies, but it got a real shot in the arm last week when Obama made his decidedly un-presidential appearance on Oct. 10 in Philadelphia. There, employing frenetic oratory that smacked of desperation, he took the blame game and basic lack of accountability to a new low, declaring that “the Republicans messed up so bad, left such a big mess, that there are still millions of Americans without work.”

I would take this opportunity to reiterate that Obama’s culpability with regard to the abysmal state of our economy was secured both by his record donation receipts from Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac and his incestuous relationship with the Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now (ACORN), which, through its aggressive efforts in advancing the Community Reinvestment Act, had a key role in bringing this financial crisis about.

So, it wasn’t a GOP mess, Barry – not by a long shot – although indifferent and progressive Republicans, as well as George W. Bush (who expanded implementation of the CRA), do share the guilt.

Obama may be surprised at recent developments. He may be running scared. He may even be desperate. But, as I have stated before – he is not clueless. In the wake of the clock-cleaning Democrats will face come the midterm elections, we can expect this president to step up his efforts to drive forward and even accelerate his radical agenda. Utilizing such tools as the executive order and his plethora of czars (who were placed where they are in part for this very contingency), he will become even more perniciously audacious in some areas, and clandestine in others. The executive orders he has furtively passed to date are too numerous to mention here, but they address everything from tweaking executive privilege to laying the groundwork for the national police force he mentioned during the 2008 campaign.

This brings us back to North Korea. While cloned, goose-stepping soldiers in dress uniform parading through the streets ahead of tanks and missiles remains incomprehensible to the bulk of our citizenry, for those who actually have a handle on our president’s worldview, background and intentions, and those of the people closest to him, considering such things has become almost passé.

Clueless? Hardly. “Diabolical” would be more apt. It has never been Obama’s intention to restore economic damage (that he helped to create), provide security, promote the common good, or uphold and defend the Constitution. His intention is to maintain the con as long as possible, that he might maneuver himself into position for an effective coup de grâce.

Obama may not realize his “glorious vision,” but as the point man for a revolution that has been 100 years in the making, he has no compelling reason to abandon the agenda now. When he employed the phrase “fundamentally transforming America” two years ago, that’s precisely what he meant. He has no intention of going quietly.

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