The dastardly scheme and now reality of building a mosque just one block from Ground Zero was crazy and evil enough, given the pain that New Yorkers and the nation as a whole have experienced since 9/11. Add to that the irrefutable fact that the imam of this planned outrage is an American agent who works for the Obama State Department, going on taxpayer-funded junkets around the world to spread the word of “Muhammad” and “Allah,” that donors to his congregation have given to the Holy Land Foundation, a convicted terrorist front group, and that this same imam, Feisal Rauf, blamed the United States for causing 9/11 shortly after the tragedy occurred, and we see the curtain rising on this “Theatre of the Absurd,” radical Muslim style. But now that this curtain has risen and we are able to view the “first act,” thanks to the lawsuit my brave client, severely wounded first responder Vinnie Forras, brought to “Unmasque the Mosque,” this existential tragic-comedy takes on new bizarre and troubling dimensions with each passing day.

As if it were not enough that our president, Barack Hussein Obama, endorsed the GZ Mosque at a White House celebration of Ramadan (see my earlier column “The Ramadan Inn”), after having canceled White House commemoration of the primarily Christian-Jewish National Day of Prayer. The nation’s Voice of America, which is meant to broadcast and further American values and a message of freedom into Iran and the Middle East, among other world venues, aired what in effect was a defense of the building of the GZ mosque last Sept. 15. (See video below.) This defense by VOA obviously had the effect of whipping up anti-American sentiment in the Muslim world.

This should come as no surprise, as the Persian News Network of VOA, the division that broadcast this outrage, is run – as I have also discussed in past columns – by an executive managing editor, Ali Sajjadi, whose father is not only a mullah, but also an adviser to the supreme leader in Iran, and whose brother also works for the regime. He is a radical Muslim who has been witnessed trashing the United States at Washington, D.C., social gatherings of Persians and who also, just for good measure, destroyed a brave pro-freedom VOA broadcaster named Elham Sataki because he didn’t like her political views. And, when other pro-freedom Persian broadcasters at VOA came to her defense, they, too, were retaliated against.

Get Larry Klayman’s fascinating account of his battle with the powers that be: “Whores: Why and How I Came to Fight the Establishment”

During this VOA broadcast, Imam Rauf proudly declares that his planned GZ mosque is “really” a cultural center for all religions and then, almost comically if it weren’t so tragic to begin with, tells the viewing audience that food will be served from all faiths and countries, presumably in the Middle East. So there we have it: To try to sell a “socially acceptable” and “politically correct” venue to foment, at a minimum, psychological terrorism, the GZ mosque is being transformed into a “food court.” The only thing Rauf conspicuously leaves out are “food tasters” for any New York Christian or Jew foolish enough to visit the planned GZ mosque, as this is not required under Shariah law – which he incredibly also extols in the interview as compatible with American law. While my own well-known view of the current state of our corrupt U.S. legal system is not rosy, I must say that I have never heard that rapes, stonings, torture and executions of women are sanctioned by it as being compatible with our constitutional values!

Helped by the radical Muslim VOA chief, Sajjadi, to trash the vast majority of Americans who oppose the mosque, Imam Rauf does not stop with VOA interview and broadcasts. He now decides to hire a Jewish lawyer to defend him and his GZ mosque in the lawsuit Freedom Watch has brought for Vinnie. But the legal pleadings he filed are more than a defense; they are a full scale vicious attack – based on this lawyer’s perverted concept of “his” Jewish faith – on Vinnie and me. And who, from Rauf’s perspective and “clever” agenda, better to level the attack than a Jew who has sold out his people, New Yorkers and the nation. Being of proud Jewish origin ourselves, Vinnie and I were more than outraged, but ashamed.

Here are some of the offensive quotes of the imam’s lawyer, who incredibly submitted a wholly legally irrelevant sworn affidavit (called an “Affirmation”), which he then gave to the New York Post, to publicly threatened and harm Vinnie and me. These attacks, so extreme in their wording, which falsely label Vinnie and me as racists against Muslims, amount to a de facto type of “Fatwah,” that is, a call to the Muslim world to kill the infidels who have allegedly attacked the Islamic religion. The imam and his lawyer certainly know how to play “hardball,” however evil their art form.

Imam Rauf’s lawyer writes:

“I am a Jew and profoundly proud to adhere to the nation that brought to Western Civilization the commands to love one’s neighbor as oneself and not to oppress the foreigner for we were once strangers in another land.

“The diversity of America is not its weakness, but its strength. When in the days following an analogous atrocity in 1941 our people marshaled their will and marched off, nobody as an American of this type or that. We were all united under a single banner pledged to eradicate the very kind of religious intolerance we see in Plaintiff, represented in those years by the Third Reich and those aligned with it.

“It is therefore out of the most profound feelings as well as professional duty that I offer this Affirmation in support of the motion to dismiss this atrocity of a lawsuit.”

In his accompanying memorandum of law, the imam’s lawyer branded Vinnie and me “blind religious bigots,” which vicious attack found its way into the New York Post story for the entire Muslim world to read and react to.

Enough said!

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