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The post-election to-do list

With a couple weeks left before what promises to be a historic midterm election, it’s time to consider the priorities for the next Congress.

What needs to be done?

How can the next Congress avoid the failures of previous ones following massive political realignments?

What should be on the agenda in the first year?

Here’s my non-policy-wonk, shoot-from-the-hip version of a post-election to-do list:

That’s a start.

I’m sure I’ve missed many important priorities. Maybe you have some ideas to contribute. I’ve begun a forum for those ideas effective today.

But just think about how much healthier America would be if even half of this agenda could be accomplished before the end of 2012.

Do you think the Republicans would be in good shape to take the presidency if they fielded a worthy candidate?

Do you think they would be in a position to improve their standing in the House and Senate?

Do you think America would be headed back in the right direction?