I got a troll on my blog this week. Although allegedly a “conservative Christian” (though I have my doubts), he indulged in a spate of name-calling about my “barely coherent little articles” and “ridiculous” content (not to mention my horrible “grammer” [sic]) without actually pointing out specific examples of what he found offensive in my writing.

But in one thing he was clear: He took exception to my self-description as a “gun-toting homeschooling” mom by saying I “know little about American history” and that “violence is a part of [my] DNA.” He then went on to laud public education. “One of the greatest accomplishments of American [sic] was to create a public school system that enabled all children – all GOD’s children – to attend school and to learn from each other – i.e., children from all backgrounds.” (Read the entire snark here.)

Actually, I flatter myself that I do have some familiarity with American history, certainly enough to know that a) the Second Amendment was included in the Bill of Rights for a reason, and it wasn’t because we all have “violence as part of our DNA”; and b) public education was not included in the Bill of Rights because the education of children was presumed to be a private affair or at most a state issue, not a federal matter.

But times have changed, and thanks to the influence of such (cough) luminaries as John Dewey (the father of our modern educational system), we now view education as strongly – some would argue strictly – a government matter.

“From Crayons to Condoms” lays out myriad reasons America’s government schools have failed our children

I thought Dewey’s Marxist leanings were common knowledge, but I guess there are still may people who don’t realize Dewey’s obsession for public education stemmed from his desire to “socialize” children into state-controlled compliance. “What is important under the Dewey system is not adherence to some universal and absolute standard of the true and the good,” notes Gennady Stolyarov in a fascinating essay, “but rather conformity to whatever social standard has been established within a given age group – which is virtually always the dismal lowest common denominator.”

The realization that schools are merely indoctrination centers is becoming more obvious as the years go by. Consider the words of Rep. John Sarbanes, D-Md., who said that environmental education in schools can “promote the agenda” of climate change and population growth through the influence it has on children.

I’m sorry, but you’re not going to convince me that public schools are anything but the seat of brainwashing.

Critics accuse me of trying to push my notions of morality on others; but what about when they push their loathsome notions of morality on us? Or more specifically, our children? Why are they surprised when we object?

Homeschooling parents are understandably leery of government involvement in their children’s education. In a recent article by MSNBC, reporters concluded that one of the reasons the exact number of homeschoolers in this country is so hard to pinpoint is because of homeschoolers’ desire to avoid government involvement – “a sentiment echoed by several researchers and homeschoolers who spoke to TODAYshow.com.” No duh.

In a superb article called “Get the State Out of Education,” David Warren writes, “The state has no business in the minds of the nation.” He also writes:

  • “The notion that ‘education is too important to be left to chance’ is so universally accepted, that the public at large is capable of overlooking universal failure. Our state schools, which were (contrary to myth) never all that good, have degenerated into dysfunctional propaganda mills.”

  • “We easily accept the associated notion that ‘in a democracy, public schooling is necessary to assure minimum standards for citizenship.’ That schools should provide the machinery for the indoctrination of the masses follows naturally from this. … And remember … all ‘progressive’ educational proposals require political compulsion.” [Emphasis added]
  • “We could hardly do worse, than achieve this state in which a child homeschooled in the most derelict family may emerge into adulthood in better moral and intellectual condition than the child criminalized by his peers in the perpetual day care.”

The notion that public education should be eliminated in favor of parent-chosen educational options is too radical to be done easily. The government propaganda machine is too strong and the notion is routinely ridiculed, since progressives refuse to recognize the depth to which public “education” has sunk. But if a bunch of uneducated yokels called parents can produce a homeschooled crop of children that routinely beat the pants off public school kids in all standardized tests, then perhaps it’s a notion whose time has come.

However, there is something that gives me hope with regards to greater parental control over our children’s education. That something – oddly – is the Internet.

Prior to the Internet, most people were only exposed to information through mainstream sources such as newspapers, magazines and television. I hardly need to point out that these mainstream sources are biased toward the liberal/progressive agenda. People were spoon-fed only what the government-approved media wanted them to hear. As my husband points out, it was never the “information” age, it was the “propaganda” age.

But the Internet has changed all that. We are now truly in the “information” age because parents who once thought they were lone voices crying in the wilderness found out they weren’t alone. (A common divide-and-conquer tactic for a parent concerned about his child’s school agenda is to be told he’s the only one to complain.)

As a result of entering the real Information Age, the progressives are furious and helpless to stop the tide of true and honest information flooding Real America.

Look, you can send your precious and unique children to public schools if you want. But as Dr. Karen Gushta points out, at least “see government schools for what they really are, not for what they claim to be or for what they once were.”

Schools are merely brainwashing centers. And I, for one, refuse to sacrifice my children on the altar of government indoctrination.

And apparently I’m not alone.

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