Halloween is creeping up on us, and many Americans are buying things like decorations, costumes, and candy to make it a fun holiday for kids and grownups too.

The new Halloween edition of the American-made Retail E-guide is ready to go so when parents and kids get ready to go to the stores to choose everything they need that puts “happy” into Happy Halloween, they can buy American at the same time.

Of course one of the things that makes patriotic consumers happy, along with providing a fun and safe Halloween, is to know that the money they spend on candy, costumes, and decorations is spent on American products so countries like China don’t reap all the financial rewards of our American celebrations.

The original American-made Retail E-guide created in August features more than 2,300 American-made items available in over a dozen retail stores across America. Now, more than 200 American-made Halloween-related items have been added to the e-guide for a total of over 2,500 American-made products!

You might be surprised to know that a lot of the candy available to us on the shelves of many stores is made in China and various other foreign countries. The Halloween edition of the American-made Retail E-guide will guide you to the right kind of candy that is made here in the USA to make it an especially “sweet” holiday for the American men and women employed by various domestic confectionery companies.

For example, did you know Life Savers Big Ring gummies are made in Mexico, and that many other gummi bear products are made in China? Did you know that York Peppermint Patties are also imported, and a lot of candy products don’t even mention where they are made?

The Halloween edition of the American-made Retail E-guide shows you how and where to find all of the candy you need to satisfy the sweet tooth of all those trick-or-treaters without compromising on the quality of the some of the best and most popular brands.

Even though many parents put their creativity to work and make their own costumes for their children, if you want to find an American-made costume at a retail store (admittedly I only found one), it’s in the Halloween edition of the American-made E-guide.

You also can find a lot of American-made accessories like makeup, vampire fangs, and face-painting kits that will enhance your costume or outfit regardless whether it’s store-bought or created at home.

If you’re having a Halloween party at your place, the new e-guide will show you where to find all the best American-made party favors from the Halloween plates with which you serve your food to the Halloween-style icing and edible glitter that goes on the cake.

Putting up Halloween decorations around the house? While it is true that most electrical decorations are imported, you can still buy a decent amount of American-made Halloween decorations to either spice-up or spook-up your place. The e-guide shows you where to shop so you can spend most of your time putting up your decorations rather than driving around town looking for them. The new e-guide will even show you where to find American-grown pumpkins.

And don’t forget that just like the original 2,300-plus product guide you’ll be receiving along with the guide to over 200 Halloween products, I’ve also listed the prices in case you find a better deal on the item you’re looking for at another store to save you money.

For example, I found 12 feet of American-made Halloween-style garland at Family Dollar for just $2.50 and nine feet of the same style at a JoAnn store that was made in China for $4.99, which reinforces my argument that buying American-made doesn’t always cost more money.

To receive the new 2,500-plus product Halloween edition of the American-made Retail E-guide (which includes the original 2,300-item e-guide with over 200 Halloween-related items listed), here’s what you need to do: Simply order any item ($3.50 and up) from the USA Shop and type “Halloween” for the promo code during checkout, and I’ll personally e-mail your Halloween edition of the American-made Retail E-guide to you.

It’s not a spooky concept to want America to reap the rewards of our purchases for Halloween. We all want to have a fun and safe holiday, but this year, let’s find and buy the right kind of candy and other products that keep our dollars at home circulating in our economy.

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