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Obama's 'Halloween czar'

I drove by what used to be a booming car dealership last week and saw nothing but a ghost town thanks to Obama taking over the auto industry and shutting down dissenters.  Obama and his lynch mob in Congress have taken over our health care and turned it into something worse than any haunted house could portray.   They have sunk our economy deeper than the Titanic, and the amazing thing is he is on the campaign trail for the Titanic crew – still trying to sell tickets for their disaster “cruise.”

I’m really surprised that among all his “czars,” Obama has not yet appointed anyone to oversee Halloween. Take a look around our country to get a hint of what that would entail:

  1. All children would have to obtain a costly permit to allow them to participate in trick-or-treating activities at least 30 days prior to Oct. 31.

  2. All candy collections would be monitored, reported and severely taxed.
  3. All sugar intake would be subject to government oversight, lunch bag searches and candy confiscation.
  4. Costumes would be regulated.
  5. Government candy restrictions would apply.

Under an Obama Halloween czar, the following costumes would be banned:

On the banned candy list:

Under an Obama Halloween, in addition to the permits, children must report all candy intake and leave 96 percent of it at ACORN offices and various union drop-off sites.  They will be redistributed to purchase votes in the coming weeks.  Any leftover candy will be given to those Obama/Democrat supporters who are unwilling or too lazy to trick or treat for themselves.

If the government schools still have your children believing that Obama is worthy of the praise songs they sing, give them a “taste” of what that really means. After working all night collecting candy, inform them of all the restrictions and income, sales, health-care, “stimulus” and other taxes that will leave them with about three candy corns – two of which you, as parents, are entitled to for “property tax” for their bedroom in your house.

What’s at stake in this election can be communicated to your little tots as simply as “candy or no candy.”  “Trick or Treat.”  Which do you prefer?

Then enlist them in these remaining days to go door to door for something that really matters:  getting our country back.   Got an e-mail?  Facebook?   Send out voter guides from www.f2a.org! The results of doing nothing are just too scary.