I don’t have a problem putting aside my pride and admitting that I had no idea six weeks ago that things would look quite this bad for the Democratic Party two weeks from the midterm election. Bad, yes, but not this frightful. Two weeks ago, polls indicated that there were between 50 and 60 House seats in play; now, it’s up to 100, with it all but certain that Republicans will capture at least a few seats in the Senate, effectively trashing the Democratic filibuster-proof majority. Surprising most dedicated observers (such as myself), the GOP has suddenly started committing resources into House races heretofore believed unwinnable.

Meanwhile, Congress and the White House appear to be mired in a state of denial. Over the last week, administration mouthpieces attempted to dispel the encroaching darkness via bluster, spin, or outright fallacy. White House press secretary Robert Gibbs foretold Democrats retaining the House and Senate despite all contradictory historical and current empirical data. In defense of President Obama’s economic policy, last weekend senior adviser David Axelrod declared, “The notion that we borrow $700 billion for the next 10 years from China or some other country in order to pay for tax cuts for millionaires and billionaires doesn’t make sense.”

Axelrod’s tired, craven ploy (of maintaining that tax cuts cost money) obviously smacks of desperation – but he is most certainly not the only one evidencing this. Democratic candidates, unable to engage in civil discourse based on issues (since the electorate has already rejected their stance on same), have little left in their arsenal save ad hominem assault and cash.

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And their use of the former is making them look very bad in the eyes of voters. A recent attack ad from the Jack Conway campaign targeting Republican Rand Paul in the race for Kentucky’s open Senate seat has drawn fire for being profoundly distasteful as well as wholly specious.

And what of President Obama?

Well, it appears that he is willing to try anything at this point toward damage control, i.e., preserving as many Democratic House and Senate seats as possible. From weak accusations by the White House that the GOP was awash in “foreign money” (this, even the establishment press didn’t find newsworthy) to psychological profiling of the electorate, he has drawn the wagons into the tightest possible circle – and those within are firing wildly, their composure and ammunition all but gone.

Last weekend, the president more than intimated at a Boston fundraiser that voters are so scared and traumatized from the events of the last few years, we may not necessarily be in our right minds. This reminded me of the Soviet dissidents who used to be sent to mental institutions by the KGB, the rationale being that if they were inclined to disagree with the government, they must be crazy.

A week before that, the president inferred that GOP lawmakers would have to learn to work with him in the event that they made big electoral gains, and thus would be more involved in legislative processes. And just this week, his demeanor – comportment, rhetoric, body language and expressions – were being publicly discussed as possessing a diabolical quality.

All of this speaks to the deep narcissism upon which many commentators, and even credentialed professionals, have expounded concerning our president over the last couple of years. Based upon his oratory, he obviously believes that there is no valid reason for the American electorate to be dissatisfied with his policies or performance to date. The increasing debt, deficit, job losses and domestic tensions (here, I refer to race relations, our southern border and Obama’s addressing of Islamic radicalism) are the fault of Republicans, despite his actions having directly exacerbated the malaise. If Americans can’t recognize that, well, we’re obviously demented.

Concomitant with the electoral revolutionaries massing in the distance, there’s little doubt that the president also perceives the recent demise of “multikulti” in Europe and Americans’ discovery of the race card’s emetic properties as a harbinger of our beginning to reject progressives’ insistence that we collectively kiss the behinds of every malicious, parasitic, ethnocentric faction that slithers across (or flies over) our borders. On all fronts whereupon the left realized staggering gains over the last several decades, they have suddenly begun to lose ground – and fast.

Now, I wouldn’t expect Obama to peel off his clothing and streak gibbering across the north lawn of the White House for all the press to see just yet – but it’s clear that the pressure is getting to him, and to his spoiled, radical brat pack.

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