The smell of desperation and fear now hangs over the left, like the pungent odor of burning leaves and bits of rubbish on a still, fall evening in America, before the cleansing rain begins to fall, washing it all away.

The left’s agenda is a failure. With health-insurance rates skyrocketing, coverage shrinking and jobs evaporating, Democrats now campaign:

  • not on their accomplishments – for they’d rather we didn’t remember;

  • not against Republican and tea-party ideas – for Democrats bring the same old tired, socialist failures to the debate;
  • but instead they campaign with lies, innuendo, smears and character assassination.

The last thing the left always destroys is trust. No better example of this has surfaced in recent days than the Cincinnati teacher who bussed his students to the polling place – after showing them only a Democratic sample ballot. “Oh – and ice cream for all after we vote (Democrat).”

At one time, parents could have trusted the integrity of most any teacher. Today, one wonders if teachers have any integrity to trust. Illicit sex-ed classes, illicit abortions, illicit sex with students, political indoctrination, historical revisionism, enviro-pseudo science that makes a mockery of the scientific method and the putrid undercurrent of statist dependency at every turn. Oh – and now forced voting. Welcome to “education” in the Democrats’ brave new world.

Teachers, not so long ago, did it “for the children.” It was a personally rewarding, intellectually fulfilling and modestly paying job – with a nice, long vacation (during which many teachers worked at summer jobs, because they wanted the extra money).

Today, teaching is a dangerous, thankless job. Classrooms are infested with political and anti-religious ideologues, union seniority rules and burned-out careerists. The most disruptive and violent inmates (students) now run the asylum (school) – courtesy of the leftist fools teachers unions have elected to local, state and federal office. Teachers and administrators endure it because of the money, benefits and retirement. In other words, the system is filled with people there for all the wrong reasons – like the teacher who lacked the integrity to separate his own political views from the civics lesson he was trying to teach – a failure who will ultimately go far, if his Marxist palls are re-elected.

The left is all about rhetoric. Fine-sounding words, strung together in a clever turn of phrase – always with the iron heel of the state ready to descend on your throat, should you be so “uneducated” as to disagree with the policies of statist enslavement. “Do it for the children” has become “do it to the children,” provided it will advance the communist agenda.

Yes, the pall of desperation and death hangs over the left this election season. They created it, through their own efforts. But the rain is coming. A new day will soon dawn. America has always renewed itself. With our help, she will once again. That sacred honor the left cannot understand demands that we bequeath freedom, not servitude, to the generations after us.

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