For us tea partiers who have high hopes that Tuesday’s congressional midterm elections will transform the Republican Party into a fighting force for conservative and libertarian values and change, if the past is a prologue, we have another think coming. For the last several decades at least, the blowhard Republican “country club” establishment has talked a “good game,” but has not exactly been up to the task, to put it mildly. And, regrettably, while many tea-party candidates will be elected this Tuesday, their numbers will not be enough to push the Republican Party establishment into a secondary role. For this reason, the “Revolution” will only just begin.

Let’s take a look at what the Republican establishment has done, and might I add not done, during the last two years of President Obama’s and the Democrats’ rule.

First, the Republican establishment supported massive taxpayer-financed bailouts of big banks and the mortgage industry – cash giveaways that have bankrupted the country, not produced jobs but retarded their growth and jeopardized our children’s and grandchildren’s future, not to mention our own.

Second, while the Republican establishment claims to have opposed Obamacare, in fact they wanted it to pass all along. Why else would they not have put up a stronger strategic and public-relations effort to defeat it by coming up with and then publicizing effectively their own viable alternative to the health-care woes of the nation? The Republican establishment knew all along that allowing this “abortion of a bill” to pass would not just sink the country, but the Democrats with it – as their goal was simply to regain control of the government, with all the attendant cash and other perks then available to stuff into their political pockets.

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Third, the Republican establishment continued to support failed wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, without proposing any alternative winning strategy over terrorist states and groups in the Middle East and Central Asia. Iraq is a total disaster, with its newly elected “democratic” leaders taking pilgrimages to and bowing down for “marching orders,” Obama-style, to the radical Islamic mullahs in Tehran. Iraq has in effect become greater Iran, at a cost of thousands of American lives, trillions of dollars spent and a diversion from fighting the real terrorists: Osama bin Laden and his band of thugs. And Afghanistan is hopeless, with warlords profiting on the drug trade as U.S. servicemen die and the government attempts to sell out American interests to the Taliban. While Obama has perpetuated these foreign-policy disasters, the Republican establishment continues to push for more hopeless intervention in these sinkholes – weakening the overall strength of our military, at great expense to our brave and heroic fighting men.

Fourth, as Obama and his leftist comrades apologize for and disparage the nation overseas, what has the Republican establishment done to further freedom? Not one Republican establishment leader – and I have approached many – has even given a hoot that the Persian News Network of our Voice of America is being run by the son of an Islamic Iranian mullah, Ali Sajjadi, and that VOA is broadcasting anti-American and pro-Islamic regime programming into Iran and the rest of the Middle East. And let me name some names: Minority Leader John Boehner who, while finding time to cordially kiss and then offer to help Elham Sataki at Morton’s restaurant on Connecticut Avenue in Washington, D.C. – Ms. Sataki being that beautiful and brave VOA broadcaster who was destroyed by Sajjadi for her pro-freedom views (see my WND column “The government war on a freedom-loving beauty”) – did nothing after that to save her.

Nor did so-called conservative Republican Sen. Tom Coburn, whose staff I met with on several occasions to ask for help for Elham and the other courageous Persian television broadcasters at VOA who have been retaliated against by Sajjadi for their pro-freedom views. And, as for the general state of VOA, no one else in the Republican establishment has come forward to help reshape the network into the freedom-fighting force that, during the Reagan years, was instrumental in bringing down the communist Soviet empire – not even the Republicans who sit on VOA’s Board of Governors who oversee the network. As a result, to get their attention, Freedom Watch is organizing a protest in front of VOA at 2 p.m. on Nov. 17, when Congress convenes after the elections, and you are all invited to attend. See

In short, the Republican establishment has disgraced the pro-freedom legacy of President Ronald Reagan. Persians are dying for freedom in the streets of Tehran, and the Republican establishment does not push for an effective VOA, let alone even forcefully challenge Obama on his and Secretary of State Clinton’s policy of appeasement toward Iran. Any support for these freedom fighters – who if successful in overthrowing the Islamic regime will have liberated us all from possible nuclear holocaust at the hands of these Islamic fanatics – is simply lip service meant to embarrass Obama and the Democrats for political purposes and electoral results this Tuesday.

So, while Larry Klayman, private citizen, would like to see the Democrats lose big on Tuesday, I am not hopeful that any new Republican control of Congress will change things much. Yes, the tea party does have some great representatives in Congress, like Michele Bachmann and Steve King, but even with new recruits their numbers will not be sufficient to wrest control from the Republican establishment, who will continue to play games with the American people for their own selfish advantage. As I have said before, while these Republican establishment leaders will party on, Rome will continue to burn.

Next Tuesday will be a watershed event, but only because it will mark the beginning of the next phase of the Revolution – the total peaceful removal of the traitorous establishment of both political parties

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