New Black Panther Party members outside polling place on Election Day 2008

WND wants to know if you see evidence of voter fraud.

Whether on Election Day itself, or in the days leading up to Nov. 2, if you see instances of illegal voter registration, intimidation at the polls, improper vote counting, campaigning in the polling place or other violations of election law, e-mail your story to [email protected].

The 2008 election saw dozens of news stories from around the country – and likely many more that went unreported – of attempts by the unscrupulous to see their candidates prevail.

With your help, and through its exclusive Voter Fraud Hotline, WND wants to make sure the news media can’t sweep these stories aside in this crucial, midterm election.

And if you can catch voter fraud in the act through photographs or video – the way one witness did in the Pennsylvania New Black Panther Party case – WND especially invites you to send the pics or video or YouTube link to the Voter Fraud Hotline.

Even if you don’t catch the voter fraud in the act, but your local newspaper reports on it, send in the link. What the mainstream media might consider small news from your neck of the woods is big news to WND, especially if it’s happening all over the nation!

Don’t let organizations determined to win this election at any cost get away with registering dead voters, accepting illegal voters, stuffing the ballot box, intimidation or any number of other crimes.

Send in your eyewitness accounts and local news stories to WND’s Voter Fraud Hotline now!

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