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China still peddling dangerous products

Now that Halloween is past and Christmas is inching closer (have you noticed most stores already have their Christmas decorations out?) you’ll probably start thinking about the friends, family and loved ones on your list and what they might like to see under the Christmas tree.

But an important consideration for Christmastime consumer patriots is how to find and buy gifts that are made in the USA. It can be difficult enough to buy American-made for the adults on your list, but buying for babies often is even tougher.

That’s why I’m so glad I found out about the website All-AmericanBaby.net, where everything your baby might need is all-American made.

It’s no secret China still is peddling poorly made products for sale in the American market. On Sept. 30, more than 11 million Chinese- and Mexican-made Fisher-Price toys were recalled. Less than three weeks later, we found out that more than two million Graco strollers were being recalled after four infant deaths were associated with those products. The country of manufacture: China.

At All-American Baby, you’ll find only the safest and highest-quality products like toys, blankets, clothing, skin-care products, furniture, nursery crib bedding, diaper bags, bibs, burp cloths, mealtime dinnerware, nursing pillows, dolls, infant rockers, natural maple teethers and more! They even have an organic section where you can find organic baby skin care, clothes, blankets and toys as well as stylish lighting that’s perfect for any nursery or playroom.

All-American Baby is not a mass market manufacturer, so they can concentrate on quality, safety and the preservation of domestic jobs for American workers.

The owner of All-American Baby also is a mother of two children who spent 15 years as a teacher, and, when her baby boy was born, she wanted only the best for her children’s sake. She wanted to get “back to basics” and find toys that don’t require batteries, but instead use imagination, creative thinking and problem-solving.

As a mother, she became even more aware of the importance of social responsibility, and the need to support our own nation, our workers and our economy. Her search for the perfect products was long and frustrating, and she wished for one place where I could find a variety of safe, American-made toys and quality American-made baby products. So the idea for All-American Baby was born.

You might also be surprised to find beautifully styled, American-made christening gowns, christening outfits, first communion dresses and baptism gowns, as these are some of the most important initial decisions you can make for your baby, little girl or little boy.

And All-American Baby didn’t want to overlook important infant accessories either. That’s why they offer wind-up music boxes, music-box blocks, musical jewelry boxes, personalized story books and children’s books. Their “Dear Baby Box Deluxe Set” features a decorative keepsake box, a set of first year’s note cards including all occasion, birthday and Christmas cards, and a pregnancy journal or blank scrapbook with your choice of leather-bound or fabric-wrapped album.

All-American Baby even makes it possible to bring up your baby in the American-made tradition by offering patriotic clothing like a hand-knit American flag sweater, American stripes sweater, USA baby blanket and American flag baby blanket.

With All-American Baby, we don’t have to sacrifice safety or quality when we pursue all-American products for American infants, babies and toddlers. And aren’t these some of the best, foundational things we want to teach our kids as they grow up?

Patriotic Americans support the fact that we don’t allow certain working conditions in our country that involve things like exploitation of workers, unsafe working conditions and needless pollution of chemicals and cancer-causing carcinogens into our American atmosphere. So why would we want the products that satisfy your children’s needs coming from other countries that don’t honor such high American standards?

Perhaps the best way to keep our money and jobs where they should be, within American borders, is to keep All-AmericanBaby.net on your favorites when ordering everything necessary for infants, babies and toddlers. That way, it will be easy to make safety and quality a part of your child’s first years as they’re brought up in the tradition of American-made consumer patriotism.