The Obama embarrassment in Rhode Island has continued.

First, there was that unforgettable suggestion from the Democratic nominee for governor, Frank Caprio.

Caprio’s presidential proposal came after Obama, the titular leader of the Democratic Party, refused to endorse Democrat Caprio.

At this – and just before Obama arrived in the Ocean State – nominee Caprio announced repeatedly that the president “can take his endorsement and really shove it!”

Mr. Caprio did not, fortunately, specify precisely where the president should “really shove” his endorsement.

But is anyone in any doubt as to precisely where this proposed presidential-shove suggestion was intended?

That President Obama had little doubt about where this shove suggestion was intended may be apparent in quotes of a Providence Journal story on the visit:

“President Obama’s final stop was a $7,500-a-head fundraiser in the well-appointed home of Arnold ‘Buff’ and Johnnie Chace on the East Side, not far from Brown University.

“The president spoke for about 20 minutes and then left before the dinner of locally grown foods by celebrated Rhode Island chefs – including lobster risotto – that Mrs. Chace had planned.

“Fewer than 50 were in attendance. … Mr. Obama spoke for around 20 minutes, touching some of the same points he had made during his earlier visit to the factory in Woonsocket. …

“Mr. Obama concluded his remarks at about 7:30, saying he couldn’t stay for dinner. ‘I’ve got to go home and tuck in the girls and walk the dog and scoop the poop,’ he said.”

Yes, ladies and gentlemen, this president of the United States actually said “scoop the poop” to 50 ladies and gentlemen who had all paid more than $7,000 each in the belief that they would dine with the president, but he begged off and left before dinner.

Mr. Obama apparently believed he could brighten up their disappointment by the (unbelievable-but-true) announcement that he (rather than anyone on that huge White House staff) is his dog’s pooper-scooper.

Does this claim really warm many people’s hearts? Or is it possible that most American citizens agree with one of my e-mailers, J.J.C., who wrote:

“It amazes me that he can deliver a backhand to his supporters like this and no one says a word. Is he unaware of how insulting this is? … Better yet, he finally found a job he is ‘qualified to handle’: cleaning up the yard after the dog.”

And finally, there comes the astounding news that Bill Clinton has agreed to campaign for Rhode Island’s Frank Caprio – the Obama Shove-It Suggestor!

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