For them, it’s all about ever-increasing amounts of power and money flowing throughout all eternity to Washington, D.C., from the heartland. It’s about more and more elitist claptrap being used to control every aspect of life in a once-free nation. And yes, it’s about never-ending personal aggrandizement for the moronic, self-imagined elites, their entrenched political interests and their big-money pals.

The voters had a temper tantrum. Soon everything will be back to normal. And it will, if we don’t realize that the work has just begun.

The IOU machine will be in full force as Congress returns, with taxpayers nationally picking up the tab for unsustainable public pensions in the blue-nose states and bailing out other grand union retirements. That’s because the unions just spent their pension funds in political advertising to keep Democrat losses as low as they were. The lame-duck Congress will do everything in its power – and that’s quite a lot – to f— this country before they take their marbles, fat retirements, and walk on over to lobbying land across the street and make some serious money.

The real economy, of course, is dead. Recovery? We here in D.C. don’t need no stinkin’ recovery! The lawsuit, lobbying and payoff industries in D.C. are booming! Government is hiring for every conceivable career! Come on in! Join the fun!

Yes, they really are that stupid. It never occurs to them who has to pay for all their folly.

Unemployment? You have unemployment? What’s that? Oh, it’s tough for you? We will extend unemployment benefits another 26 weeks. Just make sure you pay taxes on that, too. (Taxes, don’t you know, are for the little people.)

The newly elected members of Congress will be under intense pressure to play the D.C. game and sell themselves to the Washington power brokers. All at our expense, of course. Some of them will cave. It’s just so much easier. And besides, the Beltway media will say nice things about you. That’s why they exist. It is certainly not because of their reporting skills.

It becomes more difficult, on the other hand, if the newly elected representatives smell the odor of burning flesh and feel the searing heat from the tea-party voters holding their feet to the fire. Remember the broken glass you walked over to get to the polling place, and make sure they know what it feels like the very first time they start talking “go along to get along.”

There might have been an economy outside of D.C. if the banks had passed on the stimulus money that bailed out their failed, crooked butts. But they paid it in bonuses for executive failure, instead. That’s why credit-card interest rates are from 15 to 30 percent – when banks borrow money essentially for free from the Federal Reserve. It’s because the stimulus was for them, not us. And where are most big banks located? The East Coast.

Do you think if credit-card interest rates were, say, 6 percent on most credit cards that we might have a bit more spending in the economy? Spending that might just cause private businesses to hire people? You know, create jobs outside of government?

Jobs outside of government? Why, what a hateful, bigoted, racist thought!

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