A student at an American college, who still carried a Communist bullet in his back from the effort to free his homeland from Communism, startled his professor one day by asking, “Do you know how to catch wild pigs?” The professor, certain it was a joke, invited the punch line.

“It’s no joke,” said the grateful immigrant. “First, you decide where you want to pen them up. Then you go put some corn on the ground. They will find it and eat it. Do the same thing day after day. More and more wild pigs will come for their ‘free’ corn. Then you build a fence along one side. Keep putting the corn out, and build a fence along one of the other sides. Finally, you put the last side up; the side with the gate. Leave the gate open for a few days so the late-comers can join the herd. Then, slam it shut.

“The wild pigs will lose their ability to forage for their own food on the outside. They will quit wanting anything else. They will accept their captivity. And that,” concluded the young man, “is what I fear is happening in America.”

All of us share the same election news. Our opinions in the light of that news, of course, differ. I think on Nov. 2 we witnessed nothing less than the rescue of America.

Have you ever been formally and forcefully introduced to your “entitlements”? Interesting adventure. The process of being discharged from a hospital after a major operation included a visit to the “social services” office. I asked for nothing. I expected nothing. I’d always embraced the criminally naïve notion that all American “welfare” was dispensed by flint-faced patriots determined to assist the needy and dismiss the greedy.

The couldn’t-be-nicer social-services lady broke a piñata of goodies over my head, showering down upon me unending menus of absurdly generous gifts. With the persistence of a drug-pusher, she let me know I was entitled to hot meals delivered to my front door, physical therapists, exercise coaches, visiting nurses, cash help for rent and utilities, wheelchairs and walkers on demand, even massage! She wanted neither pay nor co-pay from me. Taxpayers did it all.

The voters have said, “Enough free corn.” Now the wild pigs have two whole years to rally those who prefer more and more and more free corn.

Understand, please; Barack Obama has an excellent chance to win re-election in 2012. Oh, your mouth just fell open. Did you think George H. W. Bush had a chance to lose in 1992 when a year earlier, after Desert Storm, his approval rating was 91 percent?

The Democratic Party is much more demoralized than the establishment media let on. Two years ago, the Democrats had the House and Senate by wide margins, and a pillar of political gold in the White House. Ignore the humorless “scorekeepers” who lament the failure of the GOP to take the Senate; you know, the ones who recite the numbers as the smoke clears as if they were talking about soybean futures. Those Democrats who were able to hang on are not your smug take-over crowd of 2008. They’re terrified, and for good reason. The Republican romp through not just the House but the governorships and state legislatures, and the GOP’s new hammerlock on the ability to reapportion congressional districts to Republican advantage, not to mention the enthusiasm of those who rejected Obama and all his works – all add up to a staggering defeat for Barack Obama.

However, it can all be wrecked and reversed if the triumphant Republicans of this time behave like the triumphant Republicans of last time. “Earmarks,” Congress’ pork deliveries to the folks back home, are in themselves a confession of rotten government. Putative House Speaker Rep. John Boehner’s attack on earmarks, versus Obama’s ongoing arrogance enough to dwarf an alp and his Asian trip with opulence enough to shame a Roman emperor; those activities team up for a heartening Round 1. However, too many fighters, despite heartening first rounds, have to be carried out of the ring, followed by hourly medical reports.

Voter fraud, palpable and provable, is here and real, and the American people show a strange disinterest in it. American elections can be and have been stolen. Remember the “air-raid wardens” of World War II? In anticipation of air raids, thousands of citizens were trained to spot enemy planes and authorized to sound alarms, order “blackouts” and keep order. Similarly, the tea parties should launch and maintain an ongoing curriculum to train swarms of Americans to spot and close down election thievery. A Republican House of Representatives can be helpful.

Finally, if the Democrats are too shellshocked to brag about holding some key Senate seats, Republicans should be too happy to whine about those losses.

Don’t be like Angus, the Scotsman who bought two lottery tickets and won 5 million pounds, and didn’t smile. His friend, Sandy, asked him, “Angus, ye won 5 million pounds. How come y’ain’t happy?”

Angus replied, “I dunno. I simply canna figure out why I wasted all that money buying that second ticket!”

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