As yesterday was Veterans Day, I thought I’d devote this column to a subject appropriate for the respect that is due those who serve, or have honorably served, in the U.S. military. But as I was getting back to work on the column, one of the headlines on the WND commentary page caught my eye. It read, “Republicans – can we trust them?” Though it’s a perfectly valid question, at this stage in our experience I can’t understand why anyone is still in doubt about the answer. Of course we can’t trust the Republicans.

As an institution, the Republican Party has for well over a decade continually and consistently disappointed and betrayed its conservative grass-roots supporters. In 2008, this dismal record came to a head with the selection of John McCain as the Republican nominee for president. McCain epitomizes the false-flag conservatism that is the hallmark of this betrayal. Either openly or behind the scenes he worked against conservative positions on key issues like the defense of innocent life, the defense of America’s sovereignty (border security, amnesty for illegal immigrants), and opposition to elite schemes intended to hamstring and subvert grass-roots political action (so-called campaign finance reform).

Of course, during the tenure of Illinois wheeler-dealer “Denny” Hastert as speaker of the House, Republican promises of fiscal responsibility and limited government proved to be written on the wind, setting the stage for the utter surrender to socialist cant that began with the G.W. Bush administration’s open consolidation of a national socialist banking system, aka, the bank bailout in the fall of 2008. This was the drum roll that announced Obama’s Mao Zedong-style forced march to socialism on every front. Just as I predicted when I refused to succumb to the bogeyman tactics used to stampede gullible conservatives into voting for McCain, as the elitists’ intent to build a socialist America becomes clear, the gorge of a nauseated body politic is rising to vomit them up. The hard swipe against the Democrats was just the first heave.

It was accompanied by a healthy dose of fully justified skepticism about the GOP, from the very voters who lifted them to power to make clear their adamant rejection of the elites’ socialist agenda. Many voters seemed to act on the same slogan I did: “Vote the Dems out, don’t trust the Republicans.” My distrust, however, isn’t just a matter of remembering their recent record of betrayal. I don’t trust them because their apparent opposition to the Democrats is just a matter of expedient ambition, a way of leveraging public anger and dismay into a successful power grab. Their declared opposition to socialism is a political tactic. But people like me oppose socialism because we love liberty; because we’re determined to restore and preserve the constitutional republic established by America’s founders; because we will not surrender the moral truths articulated in the American Declaration of Independence, beginning with the truth that limited government isn’t a matter of expediency, but of God-ordained unalienable right.

I see little or no evidence that the GOP embraces the forthright and positive commitment to liberty America has and should always represent. I see strong evidence that they do not. The best proof is their cowardly acquiescence in Obama’s contemptuous disregard for the authority of the U.S. Constitution, epitomized by his stubborn refusal to do what’s necessary to establish that he is in fact constitutionally eligible to hold the office whose perquisites he presently abuses to defend that refusal. Not content with arrogant legal maneuvers, the Obama faction and its fellow travelers are now doing what all those determined to establish tyranny routinely do. They are seeking to destroy, and so make an example of, an honorable individual whose only “crime” is his refusal to join the jackals who are willing to conspire in Obama’s overthrow of the Constitution’s authority. Lt. Col. Terry Lakin awaits the commencement of the Stalinesque “show trial,” a planned and orchestrated travesty of military justice intended to stifle legitimate public doubts by showing what happens to those who have the nerve to insist that politicians and government officials respect the Constitution’s prerequisites for the exercise of power.

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All the powers that be in the Republican Party have joined in the conspiracy of silence that allows this good man, this decorated officer, this truly courageous patriot, to be persecuted. Many of them and their cohorts in the Republican-leaning media have joined in the insidious effort to demean and silence anyone who articulates the reasonable arguments that prove the rightness of his cause. They have thus tacitly espoused and abetted the poisonous elite intention to establish by this powerful precedent the liberty-killing notion that the winners of any given election thereby gain a license to treat the Constitution’s requirements as optional.

Lt. Col. Lakin’s unjust plight symbolizes the fate that awaits all Americans once the authority and principles of constitutional government are abandoned. Until and unless the leaders of the Republican Party act to end this assault on constitutional authority, their willingness quietly to cooperate in Obama’s destruction of the practical foundation of our liberty exposes their professed opposition to socialist tyranny as a politically expedient sham. Nothing reveals the heart of injustice so clearly as the willingness to let good people be destroyed on account of it.

John Kennedy understood this when he placed his famous call to the imprisoned Martin Luther King. As they followed Hitler to crushing defeat, the German people came to understand it, too, but much too late. While Lt. Col. Lakin is left prey to the Obama faction’s determined defiance of constitutional authority, why should America trust the silent, complicit, cowardly Republicans willing to leave him, and all our liberty, to the destruction Obama and his comrades (whatever their party label) intend for them? Can those willing to let Lakin’s stand for liberty curse his life with destruction be trusted to preserve the blessings of liberty for generations to come? And what about the rest of us – can we?

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