Can we just talk common sense, you and I, for a few minutes? I’m not an expert on anything, really, and you may not be either. Yet, in this constitutional republic, we each have a huge and grave responsibility to discharge.

And we have to do it, expert or not. If we don’t, this glorious nation will not endure.

As our Founding Fathers, the engineers and creators of this unprecedented governmental system, intended, we are meant to select qualified, conscientious, honorable and trustworthy people to represent us and perform our will for this society. It’s such a paradox; we the people may not know how to get our will executed, but we are meant to find and elect the public servants who can – and will – do what we need done.

It’s as if we’re cancer patients, and we don’t know how to rid our bodies of that vile scourge. We haven’t studied medicine, we don’t know anything about the possible procedures, but we must find and select the best doctors who can help us and save our very lives.

The framers of our republic placed their ongoing confidence in us, the politically untrained citizens, and trusted us to find and select more able and knowing people to be our leaders … and our servants. It’s a semi-educated gamble, with so much riding on our choices. But – and this is the saving grace – if we make poor choices this year, we can make better ones two, four or six years from now, and hope to make things right.

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But the most amazing thing about this system is that its survival depends on the instincts, the largely uneducated hunches, the innate wisdom of the citizens.

So let’s look at the monumental issues we’re grappling with right now in America, and see if there aren’t plain common-sense solutions – answers that are plain to see if we reduce them to their simplest, basic forms.

Take the economy for example. Can any family, any small (or large) business get out of debt by borrowing more huge, outlandish sums and hoping that future events will cause the debts to go away? Does that make sense on any level? What about printing millions of dollars of new currency on a press in the basement and trying to get the creditors to accept those pieces of paper in payment of the debts? Does any rational person think that foolish scheme will work?

That’s what this administration is trying to get us to buy. They’ve already piled $3 trillion of new borrowing and expenditure on our already technically bankrupt economy – with trillions more planned – and they’re trying to convince us that somehow all this new inconceivable debt will pay itself off in 10 years or more. Does that make sense to you?

What would you do, if you and your family were in a comparable situation, in your economic bracket? Wouldn’t you immediately cut back on virtually all expenses, convincing each family member to go without all but essential items? Wouldn’t you forsake vacations and new TVs, figure out how to eat less expensive but healthier foods? Wouldn’t you try to find odd jobs, extra ways to earn more income? Wouldn’t you make any and all possible sacrifices, just to hack away at the debt and crawl out from under the impossible burden?

Of course you would. And that’s the only sensible path for our government to take right now. Playing games with arithmetic and unproven theories is for fools. Hard work, thrift and wholesale sacrifice offer the only way out.

Our president and his team are dead set against continuing the “Bush tax cuts,” at least and particularly for “the rich,” those whose income or businesses are at or above the $250,000 level. They seem to think that $700 billion of what these people will earn in the next 10 years already belongs to the government – and that if they let the earners keep their own money, the government will have to borrow $700 billion for its own purposes, to fulfill its own misguided commitments. They don’t understand that the “rich” will use their own after-tax earnings to increase their businesses, hire more employees and produce far more than $700 billion in taxable revenue!

I recently heard six-term Ohio Rep. Bob McEwen say, “There are only two ways to get wealth. One is to produce a good or service that somebody wants to pay you for. The other is to steal it, to take it …from somebody else who has it. Taxation is the chief method of the second way.”

I propose not a 10 percent cut, but at least a 20 percent cut in all government agencies and expenditures. I propose a cessation of all foreign aid, since almost all nations who take it vote against the U.S. at every opportunity. I propose the reduction of all government salaries to the average income of most Americans. The sad facts are that not only does the government employ, full-time or in part, almost 40 percent of all workers, but while the average non-government worker makes $65,000 a year, the average federal employee makes $130,000! And with amazing retirement benefits that combine to cost the taxpayers billions – billions they can’t afford for themselves. So obviously, we can, and must, cut big government.

Immigration? Wouldn’t it make sense to have laws that made it impossible for people to come into this country without learning our language, our system of government – and committing to obey and honor our traditions and regulations? To actually become citizens? Wait … we do have such laws! Why not enforce them? Isn’t that one of the constitutional requirements of our elected government?

“Don’t ask, don’t tell”? Isn’t that the way our military has worked so effectively for 230 years? Just expect our soldiers to keep their sexual practices and predilections to themselves? Sure, many homosexuals have distinguished themselves and some even risen to high rank in their service – but by performing their military duties, not by advertising their sexual preferences. Why should that be changed?

Friend, we’ve got a newly configured Congress; let’s demand that they not play convoluted political games. Let’s expect and demand they use common sense and small-town, small-business, family-style logic as they create the strategies that will rescue – instead of bury – America’s future.

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