Conservative talk radio played a large part in the recent Republican sweep of the House. One talk show host was set to extend her influence beyond the election, but was forced to change her plans after an “electronic lynching.”

Congressman-elect Allen West, R-Fla., had tapped Joyce Kaufman as his new chief of staff. Kaufman hosts a popular radio show in West’s Palm Beach district and was one of West’s earliest and most vocal supporters.

But just days after her appointment was announced, Kaufmann decided not to take the prestigious job after all.

Saying she’d received death threats, Kaufmann said that West’s enemies were going after her as part of an “electronic lynching by proxy.”

Rush Limbaugh

For many listeners, the undisputed highlight of the week was former President George W. Bush’s interview with Rush Limbaugh, to talk about his new book, “Decision Points” (FREE audio).

Also this week, Limbaugh declared that “Barack Obama’s got no prayer of getting re-elected” and expressed his fury over the looming Federal government ban on incandescent light bulbs, declaring, “The government ought to have not a damn thing to say about the light bulb I buy. It’s none of their business, especially when this is based on a total, freaking hoax.”

“Facebook, gays and Rush Limbaugh”? That’s the topic of an article about all the Facebook pages that violate the company’s policies about “hate speech” – and get away with it because the sites are devoted to bashing Rush Limbaugh.

Sean Hannity

Former President Bush also stopped by Sean Hannity’s radio show to talk about his No. 1 bestselling memoir. (The audio isn’t available, but Hannity also visited Bush’s ranch for a segment of his Fox News television show, and FREE clips are available here).

Hannity continued to analyze the results of the mid-term elections and their impact on the economy with Paul Volker, Stuart Varney and Newt Gingrich.

Hannity also spoke to Andrew Breitbart to reveal why he was disinvited to be part of ABC’s election night broadcast (FREE audio).

Mark Levin

Calling it “the book that changed America,” Jeffrey Lord at the American Spectator praised Mark Levin’s mega-seller “Liberty and Tyranny: A Conservative Manifesto” for its influence on the mid-term elections and the tea-party movement.

Lord said that only three other books have had such an impact on the nation: Thomas Paine’s “Common Sense,” 1960’s “The Conscience of a Conservative” by Barry Goldwater, and “Uncle Tom’s Cabin” by Harriet Beecher Stowe.

On the air, Mark Levin blasted billionaire Bill Gates as “dimwitted” because he didn’t seem to understand capitalism (FREE audio).

Levin also offered listeners a history lesson about the state of Israel, explaining “why Obama is wrong on settlements” (FREE audio).

Michael Savage

The next Presidential election may be two years away, but that didn’t stop Michael Savage from declaring that Sen. Jim DeMint, R-S.C., is his choice as the GOP candidate in 2012. He also suggested newly elected Congressman Allen West for the Vice Presidential slot:

The Ideal Taxes Association reviewed Savage’s mega-selling new book “Trickle Up Poverty” and recommended it to their readers as “a great book.”

Not surprisingly, a reviewer in Pakistan was less enthusiastic.

“Trickle Up Poverty” remains in the top ten on the New York Times bestseller lists, and landed at No. 3 on its “Political Books Bestseller List” for the month of October.

Laura Ingraham

On Veteran’s Day, Ingraham welcomed the heroic Navy SEAL Marcus Luttrel, author of the inspiring true story “Lone Survivor.”

At the start of the week, she tore apart Christiane Amanpour’s rude, hostile and incompetent interview with Rand Paul of Kentucky (FREE audio).

Ingraham also spoke to Texas Gov. Rick Perry to talk about his new book, “Fed Up!” Other guests included David Yerushalmi (an expert on shariah law) and financial expert Larry Kudlow, who ripped apart Obama’s economic plans (FREE audio).

Glenn Beck

The new “meme” about Glenn Beck is that he is the “Jon Stewart of the right.” The comparison showed up in a major Canadian magazine profile and at a popular website for “baby boomer” women.

Beck issued a dark warning to fans who dare to defend him online, at his new internet magazine The Blaze: “An event is coming, and it’s getting closer and closer” (FREE video).

That “event” seems somehow tied to billionaire financier George Soros, who supports numerous left-leaning causes and organizations, including “media watchdog” MediaMatters. Sure enough, that group released a lengthy “investigation” of Beck this week, accusing him of anti-Semitism – a charge one Jewish blogger went to great lengths to debunk.

Cable news host Lawrence O’Donnell has been claiming that “we’re all socialists now” – and Glenn Beck begs to differ (FREE audio).

And now, from the left side of the dial …

When I read the headline “Progressive Radio Host Mike Malloy Compares Bush to Hitler,” I assumed I was reading a six-year-old blog post. But no: the former president’s new, bestselling memoir has put him back in the spotlight, and old foes are dragging out their favorite talking points to bash him (FREE audio).

It remains puzzling that many self-described “progressives” like Malloy seem so stubbornly determined, even delighted, to live in the past.

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