“Anyone who disagrees with this question:

“If this pat down saved you and your families’ lives from a potential attack, would you still disagree?

“You get violated for 30 seconds – that’s better than being dead for an eternity.”

– By Austin (comment posted on The Hill regarding TSA pat downs)

We owe Austin a debt of gratitude for identifying the real issue surrounding TSA pat downs. Prior to the American Revolution, there were two kinds of people in the American colonies: those who were prepared to “go along to get along” with the English king’s abusive policies, and those who believed that freedom and dignity were worth the risk of dying for.

Today, some 234 years later, there are two kinds of people in America. Those who are prepared to “go along to get along” with the government’s abusive policies, and those who believe freedom and dignity are worth the risk of dying for.

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The elites have always craved power over their fellow citizens. They resent “explaining” why their policies and views of the world are “better” for the rest of us. They resent building consensus. They early on bastardized the Constitution to give themselves more power in the political process (direct election of senators, income tax, Federal Reserve).

At one time the elites were actually better educated than the great mass of the citizenry. Today their brains have been fried on political correctness, queer studies, feminism and a host of other feel-good curricula that has produced some of the most poorly educated people in our nation’s history.

As Gen. Omar Bradley noted, “We have grasped the mystery of the atom and rejected the Sermon on the Mount.” Today he might have added that we have rejected the Sermon on the Mount without knowing what it was.

Here’s a summary of today’s elitist thinking on security: Islam trying to kill us; Islam good. Christianity trying to save us; Christianity bad.

The more prestigious the university attended, the more likely it has indoctrinated its wards with communist propaganda and historical revisionist fantasies, devised by a faculty intentionally removed from daily reality. These permanently defiled grads have gone on to their rightful (in their minds) places of influence, educated to the ethical and historical level of third-graders at the time of the American Revolution.

Our elites are too imbecilic to comprehend that not everyone in America wants to blow up a jetliner. Most people just want go get from point A to point B and would prefer to fly there. Islamists, who have actually declared war on us, are the ones that need to be singled out for special attention. Instead, these same brain-fried elites are doing their best to exempt Islamists from the Fourth Amendment violations they are inflicting on the rest of us.

TSA is very much like the income-tax-administered health-care law passed by the Democrats. Health “reform” was an end run around the Constitution, using the IRS to give the government permission for something it doesn’t have. So too the TSA is an end run around the Constitution. TSA is designed to give the federal government something denied it by the Constitution: A federal police force.

Now you have an inkling of how it works, America.

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