Elliot Spitzer said on his CNN television program recently that Islamic activist Sheikh Anjem Choudary should be in jail for advocating violence against the United States.

The comment came after Choudary confirmed he was in contact with people inside the United States and was encouraging them to attack the United States.

The exchange appears on video:

But instead of being jailed, or even under investigation, Choudary soon will be addressing an international gathering of Muslims in London where a platform will be created to exhort attendees to work for the worldwide spread of Islam and Shariah.

The International Islamic Revival Conference is scheduled for Nov. 27, and Choudary is one of two headline speakers for the one-day event.

The British sheikh says organizers believe the international Muslim community is in disarray and the conference’s purpose is to reverse that process.

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“You see that Muslims are living in dictatorships and under tyrants who are promoting things that are anathema to Muslims, like democracy and freedom, which we completely reject. They have no foundation in the divine text,” Choudary stated.

“One of the main issues that should concern Muslims nowadays is to re-establish the khilafa (the caliphate) which is where the Shariah was being implemented on the state level,” Choudary continued.

“This is where the security and the authorities are in the hands of Muslims and the Shariah is being implemented internally and even externally as a foreign policy, and where sovereignty and supremacy belongs to God,” Choudary added.

Listen to an interview with Choudary:

“This is a vital issue and you can see that most of the serious Islamic movements worldwide have this as their main, or maybe only, objective,” Choudary said.

Choudary’s emphasis is on the establishment of the caliphate and the imposition of Shariah law. He says there are many obstacles to this happening.

“The problem that we have obviously are that the obstacles that stand in the way of the implementation of the Shariah are both intellectual and physical. The intellectual are the lack of understanding of the masses of the Muslims, people adopting ideas that are alien to Islam such as secularism, liberalism, democracy and freedom,” Choudary claimed.

He says the physical problems include non-Islamic regimes.

“There are also foreign forces on Islamic soil which are trying to continue the status quo. Some of the leaders are Asians, Americans or British and they’re looking after their own interests be they economic, strategic or military,” Choudary claimed further.

He writes on his web page that he personally is working for Izharudeen, Islamic world dominance. This also happens to be the word used in the conference’s internet URL.

Choudary emphasizes that jihad is an integral part of Muslim policy.

Listen to the rest of the Choudary interview:

“The foreign policy of the Islamic state is jihad, jihad in order to remove anything that stands in the way of divine law. The prerequisite of that is having an Islamic state,” Choudary asserted.

“Then after that comes the establishment of the foreign policy. So ultimately we do believe the Western nations, the ones in fact where Shariah was never implemented in history, will one day be governed by Shariah. This is the promise of Allah,” Choudary further stated.

“We know very well that there are foreign forces in Iraq, in Afghanistan, in Palestine. Many of the Muslim states are being oppressed by non-Islamic forces in Xinjiang in China, in Chechnya, Uzbekistan. We have them now in Sudan, in Somalia, we can go on and on,” Choudary said.

“There is hardly a country today where there is not some struggle taking place to re-establish the Shariah,” Choudary added.

Choudary says he proudly wears the label of an extremist or radical because he says that every Muslim should be a Muslim radical.

“I am a Muslim. If you want to give me a label, I practice Islam and I practice Shariah. So, I am happy to take those labels,” Choudary claimed.

“The best man who walked the earth, the messenger Muhammad, was called trustworthy before he got his revelations. After that his enemies called him ‘mad.’ They said he had the magic of words and he was labeled all kinds of labels,” Choudary continued.

“I wear those labels with pride if you want to call me a militant, an extremist or a fundamentalist,” Choudary said.

Choudary believes that Islam is under attack and says Italian Premier Silvio Berlusconi’s comment that Western civilization is superior to Islamic is a prime example.

Choudary’s fellow conference speaker, Shariah Belgium’s leader Abu Imran, says Europe is Islamic territory.

Listen to interview with Imran:

“We would like to revive the spirit of that Islamic state. And we work every day to build that state again. That Europe is rightly an Islamic nation is a fact,” Imran remarked.

“Even if it wasn’t, we believe that Islam will dominate the world and we are working for that concept,” Imran added.

Imran adds that this expansion of Islam also involves the United States.

“Like we said in several interviews, the Islamic flag will rise above the White House,” Imran claimed.

Imran speaks of the conversion of the United States in past tense.

“The White House was never Islamic and America was never an Islamic state before,” Imran added.

Imran believes that this development will stay in place because it was promised by Allah.

Terrorism analyst, Hoover Institution media fellow, and “Muslim Mafia” co-author Paul Sperry says that Choudary paints with a broad brush claiming that all Muslims agree with his position. But Sperry adds that statistics reflect that Choudary may be right.

“Choudary claims all Muslims support Shariah and jihad, even Muslims in America, only ‘behind your backs.’ Unfortunately, I suspect there’s some truth to that based on surveys of our Muslim population. Pew found that 1 in 4 young Muslims here support suicide bombings, and Gallup recently found that our Muslims are just as ‘angry’ as British Muslims,” Sperry explained.

Sperry adds that the belief that American Muslims have become Americanized is a myth.

“The notion that our Muslims are better assimilated and less radicalized is a myth that was finally debunked this fall by a report on homegrown terrorism put out by a group headed by the chairmen of the 9/11 Commission,” Sperry said.

Sperry adds that the persistent myth about a more peace-loving Islam in America has dangerous consequences.

“That stubborn myth has lulled us into a false sense of security about the internal threat we face. The report discovered what frustrated FBI case agents and detectives working Muslim beats have already known anecdotally for years – that a terrorist radicalization and recruitment infrastructure had been established inside the country that includes mosques and madrassas and charities and even prominent Muslim groups – all financed and supported by the Saudi-backed Muslim Brotherhood,” Sperry further explained.

“The Islamic radicals in this country aren’t, as we’ve been led to believe, the ‘fringe.’ They’re the establishment. A disturbingly large portion of the Muslim community does fall in line with Brotherhood thinking, which hews closely to Islamic scripture and does not betray it as we’ve been told,” Sperry continued.

Sperry says the authorities have seen the evidence inside Muslim homes.

“When case agents and police go into Muslim homes even in our nation’s capital and find computer screen-savers with images of Osama bin Laden and anti-Jew and anti-Christian drawings and poems by their kids hanging on refrigerators, they have to wonder about the community’s patriotism and cooperation,” Sperry said.

Sperry adds that these details should raise questions about security.

“Are they really self-policing for jihadists in their midst, or are they secretly supporting the bad guys? Are they loyal to the Constitution, or are they trying to erect a parallel legal system based on Shariah law, as Muslims in the D.C. suburbs and elsewhere have tried to do regarding domestic abuse and other family issues?” Sperry asked.

Sperry adds that the evidence suggests that Americans have been deceived.

“How pervasive is the deceit? Is it really as insidious as Choudary boasts? And have we been too eager to buy into pleasant platitudes about a ‘religion of peace’? The evidence suggests we have. The evidence suggests that we’re being played for suckers about the true nature and scope of the threat from both jihadism and Shariah creep,” Sperry explained.

Sperry’s comments are borne out by Choudary himself, who said that the type of Islam the West supports is the “religion of peace.” Choudary adds that is not true Islam.

“Islam that is practiced by the Muslims who are not selling themselves out to non-Islamic regimes, and that are not going with their begging bowls for some influence or position, believe in the concept of Shariah, believe in the concept of jihad, believe in the concept of khiliafa – those are the kinds of Muslims that Blair and Bush would call terrorists and extremists,” Choudary explained.

Other speakers scheduled for the one-day event are the currently imprisoned Sheikh Omar Bakri Muhammad, Abu Izzadeen, Sheikh Hani as Sibaa’I, Ustaad Abu Mujahida, Ustaad Abu Farooq, and Sheikh Abdullah Faisal.

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