Victoria Jackson

Comedienne, actress and ukulele-strumming political maven Victoria Jackson debuts today as a new exclusive commentator for WND, bringing to readers text, images and video in a unique and engaging format.

Entitled “Make Me a Liberal,” Jackson’s commentaries will appear each Friday in WND. The title refers to her ongoing challenge to leftists to give her their best shot at converting her from her current political worldview.

“Victoria is a hoot,” said Joseph Farah, WND editor and CEO. “But she also really cares about her country – I mean deep, down in her heart and soul. She loves God and she loves America. And she uses her entertainment skills to remind us all of the things that really count. That’s why I am so grateful for her new role in WND.”

Jackson was a regular member of the “Saturday Night Live” cast from 1986 to 1992, after first appearing on “The Tonight Show” with Johnny Carson 20 times. Her “Tonight Show” act consisted of Jackson doing a handstand while reciting poetry.

Prior to her success in movies and television, Jackson supported herself as a cigarette girl, a typist, a waitress at a retirement hotel and by doing stand-up comedy.

Earlier this year, the Miami native produced a video that garnered hundreds of thousands of views on YouTube – a ukulele-accompanied performance of “There’s a Communist Living in the White House”:

Jackson says she was raised in a “Bible-believing, piano-playing, gymnastic home with no TV.”

Her father was a gym coach, so she competed in gymnastics from ages 5-18. Jackson still does her signature handstand at tea parties and other events, and makes sure someone photographs or videotapes the feat each time.

In 1991, Victoria was reunited with her high-school sweetheart, Paul, who is a police helicopter pilot. She still appears on-stage and on film, and was a featured speaker at WND’s “Taking America Back” conference in September. The couple have a ninth-grade daughter, Aubrey, and soon will become first-time grandparents thanks to daughter Scarlet and son-in-law Brandon.

Jackson declares on her website: “I am a genuine true-blue believer … not in Kabbalah … not in Scientology … not in the New Age movement … not in Mormonism … not in Buddhism … not in Hinduism … not in Catholicism … not in Protestantism … but in Jesus Christ. I’ve studied all those other religions – and as a cynic and a free spirit, I personally decided to put my faith in Jesus.”

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Jackson performs handstand at D.C. “Restore the Honor” rally in August

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