It was the end of an era – but not for long.

Somewhat surprisingly, Seattle was once the home of the country’s oldest all-conservative talk radio station, KVI – until this week, when it switched over to music.

Progressives in the West Coast city didn’t have much time to cheer, however.

A rival station, KLFE, quickly rebranded itself “Freedom 1590” and is now broadcasting conservative hosts like Mark Levin.

Even in one of the most notoriously “liberal” cities in the country, it seems conservative talk radio has an eager audience.

Rush Limbaugh

Once again, Rush Limbaugh is being plagued with spurious charges of “racism,” by dubious sources like Andrew Sullivan and Al Sharpton.

Limbaugh’s “racist” crime was to accuse Obama and “his gang” of spraying “graffiti on the walls of history.”

Rather than backing down, Limbaugh upped the ante by mocking Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee, who has evidently never heard of “Hogan’s Heroes” – but she’s certain it’s “racist,” too (FREE video):

Also this week, Rush told listeners that intrusive airport security measures being enacted by the TSA are Obama’s way of punishing them for voting Republican.

Mark Steyn sat in for Rush on Thursday and Friday. Having lived in a couple of commonwealth countries, Steyn’s analysis of the creeping corruption that always accompanies “free health care” should give Americans pause (FREE audio).

Sean Hannity

Overzealous airport security screening was a hot topic on talk radio this week. Sean Hannity expressed mixed emotions about the controversy.

“This is where it gets a little delicate,” he said. “We’re not saying we shouldn’t have security in airports, nobody is saying that. But where do we draw the line? The problem here is we all want safe airlines, but there is no responsible reason to pat-down a nun of 35 years. I can’t see a justification for getting that invasive with a three-year-old toddler. How do you justify running your hand up and down somebody’s groin and not offending them?”

Hannity told listeners that “Democratic insiders” are telling him that Obama “is unhinged” (FREE audio).

At the American Spectator, Jeffrey Lord is calling the House of Representatives “the house that Hannity built,” crediting the talk show host with much of the success the GOP enjoyed in this month’s elections.

Mark Levin

Mark Levin’s bestseller “Liberty and Tyranny” got an important plug this week.

In a profile in the New York Times Magazine, Sarah Palin declared, “I’m reading Mark Levin’s book.”

Calling it the finest book he’d ever read about the Reagan legacy, Levin praised Craig Shirley’s book “Rendezvous with Destiny.” Levin reminisced about how Ronald Reagan shook up the political status quo and successfully took on the Republican establishment (FREE audio).

When a caller suggested that Levin deserved his own television sit-com, Levin revealed that he “had the chance to be Judge Judy” – and explained why he turned it down (FREE audio).

Michael Savage

Savage’s latest book, “Trickle Up Poverty,” remains in the top 10 on the New York Times bestseller’s list, despite an almost complete “media blackout” from mainstream reviewers and commentators.

The Guardian’s Sadhbh Walshe noted with surprise that Savage didn’t jump on the bandwagon when President George Bush made the talk radio rounds to discuss his new memoir.

She quoted Savage as saying, “Bush built up the government bigger than the four administrations prior to him. Now, all of a sudden, he’s the wonderful senior president from the past. He’s sort of a republican Jimmy Carter, babbling around signing books. I understand he has to sign his books with a mirror the way he spoke for so many years. He spoke fiscal conservatism and he gave us fiscal socialism!”

Savage voiced support for the English Defence League (EDL) this week. The group –which is frequently condemned as “fascist” and “racist” – were arrested for opposing Muslims protesters who had been chanting “British soldiers burn in hell” on Remembrance Day (FREE audio).

Laura Ingraham

Bill Kristol came on to predict a new era of reluctant bipartisanship in Washington. In contrast, fellow radio host Michael Savage joined Laura Ingraham to talk about his bestseller “Trickle Up Poverty” and to renew his declaration of war on liberalism.

Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal has a new book out about “real leadership” and discussed what he’d learned from his state’s devastating oil spill. Ingraham also refereed a debate on the “battle on the right,” prompted by Jim DeMint’s declaration that “you can’t have fiscal conservatism without social conservatism” (FREE audio).

On the topic of airport security, Laura read a comical email from a listener who fantasized about Washington officials being subjected to humiliating treatment by TSA screeners, just like ordinary Americans (FREE audio).

Glenn Beck

Will Glenn Beck be named Time magazine’s “Person of the Year”? Beck made the top 25, but the annual special edition won’t be published until late December.

Glenn Beck keeps writing books (he has new ones coming out in January and April 2011), and other people keep writing books about Beck. Mark Lilla penned a sneering “review” of all the latest tomes with the words “Glenn Beck” written somewhere on the cover, for the New York Review of Books.

This week, Beck sarcastically suggested that authorities “just shoot people if they talk on their cell phones while driving” (FREE video).

He also weighed in on the controversial new airport screening procedures, noting the irony that Muslim women in hijabs might be exempted from those intrusive pat downs and screenings (FREE video).

Finally, from the left side of the dial …

“The Reverend Al Sharpton has finally found a flap he wants no part of,” reports Radio Equalizer Brian Maloney: “the silly politicization of ‘Dancing With The Stars'” (FREE audio).

In the latest flurry of “Palin Derangement Syndrome,” there are stories wending their way around the web that the televised dance competition is “fixed” in favor of contestant Bristol Palin, the daughter of the former vice presidential candidate.

“When even Al Sharpton finds a controversy too ridiculous to jump in front of,” Maloney writes, “it should be clear to the tin-foil crowd that battling ‘Dancing With The Stars’ over vote counting is a waste of energy.”

Like Maloney, I’m sure the overreaction to Bristol Palin’s success on the show is really the left’s frustration at the “mainstreaming” of the Palin family via pop culture. Between “Dancing with the Stars” and now the hit TLC series “Sarah Palin’s Alaska,” the family are resisting the left’s attempts to relegate them to the conservative “fringe.”

And Sharpton’s inability to see that simply indicates yet again how out of touch he is with societal currents.

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