It is sort of a disease when you consider yourself some kind of god, the creator of everything, but I feel comfortable about it now since I began to live it out.

~ George Soros, June 3, 1993

Fox News host Glenn Beck has been doing a masterful job over the past few weeks in his series exposing the man that gave America President Barack Obama, the radical socialist billionaire George Soros.

George Soros (born 1930), like many European Jews of his generation, had his life personally and indelibly affected by the horrors of Hitler, the Nazis and the Holocaust. Soros was 13 years old in March 1944 when Nazi Germany occupied Hungary. Soros worked for the Jewish Council, which had been established during the Nazi occupation of Hungary to forcibly carry out Nazi and Hungarian government anti-Jewish measures.

After World War II, Soros would further observe firsthand how post-war joblessness, hunger, fear, uncertainty lead to riots and anarchy, leading to the establishment of communist dictatorships throughout Eastern Europe in the 1950s and ’60s.

Soros immigrated to England in 1947 and, as an impoverished student, attended the Fabian Socialist London School of Economics where he received a Bachelor of Science in Philosophy in 1952. After working as a trader in New York in the ’50s and ’60s, in 1970 Soros founded Soros Fund Management with Jim Rogers and for the next 30 years made billions in the hedge fund market. In 2000, the Quantum Group of Funds was reorganized, and the Quantum Endowment Fund was established. The fund has assets of approximately $27 billion.

On Sept. 16, 1992, Black Wednesday, Soros’ Quantum fund sold short more than 10 billion worth of British pounds, profiting from the Bank of England’s reluctance to raise its interest rates to levels comparable to those of other European Exchange Rate Mechanism countries. Finally, the Bank withdrew the currency from the European Exchange Rate Mechanism, devaluing the pound sterling, earning Soros an estimated $1.1 billion. He was dubbed “the man who broke the Bank of England.” Other nations that Soros purposely profited from by devaluing their currency include: Russia, Thailand, Malaysia and currently America.

Jerome Corsi’s blockbuster reveals globalists’ plan to put U.S. on the chopping block — “America for Sale: Fighting the New World Order, Surviving a Global Depression, and Preserving USA Sovereignty”

According to Beck, these are the five steps Soros uses to economically deconstruct nations while profiting from the effect:

Step 1: Form a shadow government using humanitarian aid as cover. Remember, the symbol of Fabian Socialism is a wolf in sheep’s clothing. Lies and deceit are their modus operandi. Here are just a few of the Soros-created/funded cover groups:

  • Open Society Institute (OSI)

  • Tides Foundation
  • Sojourners (Rev. Jim Wallis )
  • Center for American Progress (CAP)
  • Institute for Policy Studies (an adjunct of CAP)
  • The Apollo Alliance
  • Human Rights Watch
  • La Raza

Step 2: Control the airwaves. Fund existing radio, TV, media outlets and take control of them, or start your own outlets. Soros has done both: Media Matters, National Public Radio, Faith in Public Life and Huffington Post (“Investigative Fund”) are just a few of the Soros-OSI funded front groups.

Step 3: Destabilize the state, weaken the government and build an anti-government kind of feeling in the country. You exploit an economic crisis or take advantage of an existing crisis – pressure from the top and the bottom. This will allow you to weaken the government and build anti-government public sentiment. Soros has done this through front groups like: People for the American Way, and the Tides Foundation. Tides also supports the Apollo Alliance, Color for Change (Van Jones), Service Employees International Union (Andy Stern’s SEIU) and the charitable arm of the radical 1960s student anarchist group, Students for a Democratic Society, of which the Weather Underground is a spin-off group (i.e., Bill Ayers and Bernardine Dorhn, who launched Obama’s political career).

Step 4: Provoke an election crisis. And during the election, you cry voter fraud. Remember Obama, Hillary and Rahm Emanuel’s mantra: “Never allow a good crisis go to waste.” At the Shadow Party’s “Take Back America” conference in Washington on June 3, 2004, following a glowing introduction from Hillary Clinton, Soros gave the decree, “Do something about the distortion of our electoral process by the excessive use of TV advertising.”

A few months later, two progressive politicians took up this cause, aggressively funded and lobbied by Soros, and eventually passed the McCain/Feingold Campaign Finance Reform law, which launched a new era of 501(c)(3) and 527 nonprofits. In a revealing 2004 article by David Horowitz and Richard Poe, “Shadow Party: Part III,” the authors wrote: “By pushing McCain-Feingold through Congress, Soros cut off the Democrats’ soft-money supply. By forming the Shadow Party, Soros offered the Democrats an alternate money spigot – one which he personally controlled.” That’s why Beck calls George Soros President Obama’s puppet master.

Step 5: Take power. You stage massive demonstrations, civil disobedience, sit-ins, general strike; you encourage radical activism. You promote voter fraud and tell followers what to do through your radio and television stations. OSI and Soros front groups like ACORN, SEIU (whose union membership program the voting machines), Color for Change (Van Jones) and the Ruckus Society, an environmental justice group known for their aggressive tactics, causes untold havoc in our election cycle every two years.

George Soros is a very evil man and has perfected the economic deconstruction of nations, which he learned firsthand as a child in Nazi-controlled Hungary and later throughout Communist-controlled Eastern Europe – except Soros needs no bullets for his revolution; he has a much more treacherous and inconspicuous weapon: money and propaganda.

Because George Soros is an atheist, he has no allusions about a heaven beyond the grave. Therefore, like most socialists, progressives, Darwinists and atheists, he is trying to establish a utopian society here on earth – a one-world centralized government without borders, religion or culture, one currency, one language and one puppet master to pull the strings of the useful idiots in power … while controlling the world from beyond the shadows.

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