The philosopher who looked around and announced, “So many women. So little time!” strikes me as playful and optimistic. I wish I were when I announce, “So many outrages. So little space.” Where does the conscientious columnist aim his weekly projectile this time?

Maybe the Guinness people would like to include Ahmed Ghailani, the man who beat the most murder raps in history in one day, 284, as the American civilian court showed the Gitmo detainee the rare hospitality of convicting him on one count only – which had nothing to do with murder.

Why do I join the throaty chorus jeering the new TSA “pat down” procedures in the name of airline security? Because I don’t think it increases airline security. I think we’ve got to abandon the present system somewhere short of DPNCT for all (“Deep Probe; No Cavity Taboo”) and listen to tough-smart people like writer Paul Hollrah who urges shifting from looking for “stuff” – weapons and explosives – and instead using less expensive and more reliable technology such as the Computer Voice Stress Analyzer to pinpoint those out to do us harm.

I predict an as-yet-unknown politician will rocket to instant success by stepping up to the mike and giving a one-word speech on airline security; namely, “Profile!”

I happen to be a Southern, Jewish senior. If Southern, Jewish seniors were known to blow up embassies, ships, apartment complexes, shoot fellow soldiers, kill innocent people everywhere, seize airplanes and slam them into skyscrapers, etc. – and if all of a sudden we Southern, Jewish seniors were required to undergo special, even rigorous scrutiny before boarding airplanes, I promise you this:

I would understand!

Sign WND’s new online petition demanding an end to invasive and unconstitutional security checks by the TSA.

Let the 537 most powerful people in Washington know what you think about the TSA’s new screening procedures.

And I’d verbally beat the hell out of any other Southern, Jewish senior who grumbled or otherwise showed signs of not understanding. And I’d cry out for much more than verbal beatings for those murderous Southern, Jewish seniors who brought this disaster down upon our bodies, our valuable time, our dignity and, above all, our good name.

Profile, you damned American fools, PROFILE! Swedish grandmothers go through. Fear not. Our Muslim friends will follow shortly. At least, almost all of them. America’s abject surrender to those who’ll cry “racism” is worse than the inmates running the asylum. It’s like a ballroom installation banquet where the asylum keepers in tuxedoes and evening gowns ceremoniously hand over the asylum to the inmates. And with a band!

And let’s not forget the Chinese submarine. Every Jewish child learns the drama of the shepherd boy, David, whose charm and popularity infuriated King Saul who wanted to kill him. By chance, young David caught King Saul napping. Did David take that opportunity to kill him? No way. He merely cut enough of a swatch off of Saul’s robe to let the king know, upon awakening, “Look what I could have done to you!”

A Communist Chinese submarine stealthily slithered through all our American radar, sonar and everything else in probably America’s top security zone on the California coast without being detected, according to experts who spoke to Joseph Farah’s G2 Bulletin. And the Chinese knew they could pull it off. And, in the tradition of the shepherd boy who became King David, the Chinese fired a missile, not to the east, but to the west – away from the American mainland. Communist Chinese leaders are not known as Old Testament scholars, but the message to Washington, was pure David; “Look what we could have done to you!”

I’ve confined myself to one week’s worth of outrages: civilian courts for accused terrorists, the putdown of the “pat down” and the Chinese sub apparently crawling right up the most taboo of American “cavities” undetected. One week. Three breathtaking, unacceptable failures of the Obama regime.

Coming attractions: The largest tax increase in history. Free college for illegals (i.e. Harry Reid’s DREAM Act). A new law to force Americans to buy pricey electric cars. Government control over kids’ nutrition. This Lame Duck runs far and fast.

And where is the famous American outcry – for Attorney General Eric Holder’s resignation, for military tribunals to try accused terrorists, for true airline security, for an immediate investigation of the Chinese submarine debacle?

The old-American thunderclap has been overtaken by the new-American butterfly’s belch.

If “Islam” really means “submission,” Saudi Arabia is wasting billions of dollars building mosques and madrassas across America. We’re already more Islamic than they are!

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