An admission at the outset: Michael Savage is my favorite talk radio host. One must possess a nimble mind and facility for knowing what’s going on in the world to pull off talk radio. Yet I would argue that an equally important ingredient is fearlessness.

Michael Savage is indeed fearless (as a “professional” name, Michael Savage is preferable to Michael Alan Weiner).

In any event, a new book by Savage is a real treat, especially for those of us who believe the country is in serious trouble at the hands of the Man from Kenya. Savage, who has no qualms about calling Obama a Marxist, outlines several issues needing immediate attention if history’s greatest democratic experiment is to survive.

In this latest book, “Trickle Up Poverty: Stopping Obama’s Attack on Our Borders, Economy and Security,” Savage reveals some startling information:

  • Almost 30 percent of our prison population is made up of illegal aliens! This is madness!
  • The value of American homes has “declined” by nearly $5 trillion since the housing crisis began. That’s trillion with a “T”.
  • ACORN picketers against Wal-Mart, at a protest outside a Nevada location, earned $6 per hour, while the employer and employees they were picketing against earned $6.75 … in air-conditioned buildings. The irony seems lost on leftists trying to harm big-box retailers.

Reading this great book, one can almost hear Savage’s hilarious voice, ranting on the radio about the deplorable state of our government. In fact, the same “savage” wit and, dare I say it, genius observation present on his daily radio show informs “Trickle Up Poverty.”

Because Savage is unafraid – sadly, an uncommon trait even among today’s leading conservatives – he is able to frame his worldview in terms that better capture the essence of what we’re up against.

For example, in Chapter 9 (“School Daze: Eliminating the Propaganda Ministry”), Savage calls it what it is. The current level of disinformation and misinformation coming out of the White House is not unlike the kind found in totalitarian regimes.

Quoting Woody Allen, Savage reveals the depths to which our leftist citizens have sunk: “It would be good … if (Obama) could be dictator for a few years because he could do a lot of good things quickly.”

One could argue that Allen is being funny – or is a funnyman at all – but this comment shows just where some Americans are at in their embrace of leftist ideology. They gladly give up their freedoms, as the leftist intelligentsia has always done … just ahead of being sent to gulags.

Savage makes the point, however, that Obama’s propaganda ministry is not confined to the media. There are others involved:

“It encompasses other institutions, including American schools,” Savage writes, “that perpetuate the leftist version of ‘the big lie’ that today threatens to turn our representative democracy into a dictatorship favored by Marxist fellow travelers like Old York Times columnist, Thomas L. Friedman.”

Ouch! Ram another ball into your musket, Savage!

Further, Savage correctly identifies the current administration’s love for creating an “incident of violence, or even political incorrectness, against your own allies and framing the political enemy for the deed, accurately described as perpetuating a mini-Kristallnacht.”

Savage includes notable examples of the Democrats’ tactics of inciting violence and hate speech … tactics they amazingly foist onto the Republican Party, and tea-party adherents.

As with anything Savage does, in “Trickle Up Poverty,” he employs his famous wit in revealing disturbing truths. In fact, another point of courage in this book is his identification of the Bilderberg Group as a “secretive organization, whose activities, from its inception in 1954, remain hidden from both press and public scrutiny.”

“After all,” Savage writes, “the Bilderberg Group isn’t a bunch of average blue-collar guys working the night shift at a bowling alley.”

By identifying this shadowy group, Savage does give a measure of credibility to the movement of Americans that recognize legitimate conspiracy theories. Savage goes so far as to reveal that it was reported a former Bilderberg member actually selected Obama’s running mate after the Democratic primary in 2008.

A growing number of Americans are realizing that raising such issues is no longer fringe.

Moreover, Savage’s description of the global warming scam is worth the price of the book; he refers to that whole worldview as “an alarmist fictional invention hatched in Al Goreleoni’s mind.”

An extensive notes section and index make it easy for the reader of “Trickle Up Poverty” to arm himself or herself with the facts needed to resist leftist propaganda. This is an amazing read.

To order his new book, go to Michael Savage’s website.

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