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Stop the DREAM Act now!

In an era when the Obama regime considers terrorists citizens and citizens suspects – when Jesus’ birth is considered myth, but Obama’s birth is gospel – it is no great surprise that Congress critters voted out of office on Nov. 2 have reconvened, as if the election had not happened, to pass more laws just like the unpopular laws that caused their defeat.

In the waning days of the lamest of lame-duck sessions, Reid and Pelosi continue to fantasize about cramming the rest of their agenda down the throats of unwilling Americans. But don’t think of this as “fantasy politics.” The defeated Democrats are a wounded and cornered animal still convinced the voters were fooled into shooting the wrong party and determined to wield their lame-duck majority until the new voter-approved majority is sworn into office in January.

Nowhere is this “voters are too stupid to understand” mentality more pronounced than in the Reid/Pelosi fantasy drive for illegal-alien amnesty.

With “comprehensive immigration reform” dead because of voter awareness that this is code speak for blanket amnesty for “undocumented Democrats,” the new amnesty is called the DREAM Act. Democrats are determined to push for congressional votes on the DREAM Act this week.

Proponents say the DREAM Act provides a path to citizenship for hard-working college students or members of the U.S. military who were brought to the U.S. illegally as young children and should not be punished for the law breaking of their parents or be victimized by a “broken” immigration system.

This propaganda has been blaring for weeks from every outlet of the Obama state media. (See, for example “Standing up for a dream” in yesterday’s Los Angeles Times.) These lies can only be believed if you do not read the DREAM Act. Believe me, Reid and Pelosi do not want you to read this nightmare any more than they wanted you to read their health-care “reform.”

Let me summarize the actual bill. Under the terms of the proposed DREAM Act, any person under the age of 35 illegally present in the U.S. (90 percent of all illegals?) can apply for lawful permanent residence, or LPR, if they have graduated from high school or have a GED and have been admitted to an “institution of higher education.” The illegal need only finish two years of “higher education” (including community college and trade schools) within eight years, and, even if no degree is earned, can then apply for citizenship.

For illegal-alien students unable for whatever reason to complete the two years work within eight years, the “broken” immigration system can waive the requirement and the “student” can still be granted citizenship.

If an application for LPR is denied, the “broken” immigration system cannot use the information provided by the applicant in any deportation process in the future.

Astoundingly, the DREAM Act specifically allows criminal aliens to apply for the “student” amnesty. Illegals who have engaged in voter fraud, have ignored deportation orders, have falsely claimed U.S. citizenship, have committed marriage fraud, have overstayed their student visas, even those who are a public health risk – all are eligible for the “student” amnesty under the DREAM Act.

The mere act of applying for the LPR gives the illegal immediate amnesty. Applicants cannot be deported, no matter how frivolous the application is. Criminal aliens will learn soon enough that the DREAM Act is yet another way to stall deportation.

DREAM Act advocates also tout provisions which allow illegals, as an alternative to the “student” amnesty, to earn citizenship by serving in the U.S. military. Not quite. The DREAM Act does not require military service. It says the “uniformed service” which also means the Public Health Service and the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration – and again for only two years.

The “U.S. military” amnesty argument is bogus for another reason. Illegals are already allowed to enlist in the military and earn citizenship through honorable service to the United States. They don’t need the DREAM Act.

And there’s more. Current immigration law allows legal migrants to bring in their family members as well. It’s called “family reunification.” Under the DREAM Act, those who receive the amnesty could then legalize their illegal family members setting off a chain-reaction amnesty.

As WND reported last week, the cost to taxpayers for the “student amnesty” could reach $44 billion. That’s because the estimated 2.1 million new “students” (and it will be many more than this administration estimate) qualify for student assistance under Title IV of the Higher Education Act of 1965.

Republican lawmakers tempted to follow the liberal ethnic group playbook and vote for the DREAM Act to placate Latino radical groups need to look at the actual election results, too.

New Republican Hispanic officeholders were elected campaigning on enforcing the border and against illegal-alien amnesty.

Sen. Marco Rubio, R-Fla.; the new Republican governor of New Mexico, Susana Martinez; and Rep.-elect Republican Francisco Canseco, R-Texas, are among a bumper crop of Hispanic Republicans elected on a pro-legal/anti-illegal immigration platform.

What is needed is a full-body scan of the corrupt connection between radical open-border advocacy groups (and their illegal-alien voter base) and the Democratic Party.

But first start this week by voting noon the nightmare that is the DREAM Act.