A South African missionary who twice defended himself with firearms against terrorist attacks – including once in the deadliest church assault in modern history – will be addressing a gun show in Phoenix this weekend.

Charl van Wyk will tell his story at the Crossroads of the West Gun Show in Phoenix Dec. 3-5.

Van Wyk was attending a Sunday evening service at the St. James Church in South Africa July 25, 1993, when a band of terrorists armed with assault rifles and grenades burst into the sanctuary and began attacking parishioners, killing 11 and wounding 53.

The casualty count would have been higher if Van Wyk, armed only with a revolver and crouching behind a pew, hadn’t dared to fire back, sending the terrorists scattering with him in hot pursuit.

The infamous St. James Massacre on July 25, 1993, at St. James Church in South Africa is among the worst church attacks ever. It’s detailed in Van Wyk’s classic book, “Shooting Back: The Right and Duty of Self-Defense,” published by WND Books. It is also the subject of a documentary video of the same name made by WND Videos.

Currently visiting America, Van Wyk works throughout Africa in gun-free zones—where only roving bands of rebels and criminals carry guns and law-abiding citizens are penalized for doing so. Even still, on occasion, even after the church shooting, he’s been forced to use a firearm to defend his life.

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