Joe Miller is the official nominee of the Alaska Republican Party for the U.S. Senate in a contest that has yet to be certified by election officials. Why? Because a federal judge saw a clear set of facts raising serious questions about the election, stepped in and blocked certification.

You would think the Republican Party of Alaska would be supporting its nominee at this difficult time. At a minimum, the state’s GOP leadership would allow simple propriety to keep their mouths shut. Don’t count on it. The Republican Party, controlled by the old-line RINO (Republican in name only) machine headed by the family oligarchies of the Stevens and Murkowski clans, have been running a nonstop, loud campaign against its own nominee.

The candidate battling Miller is RINO Lisa Murkowski, appointed by her father, the then-governor of Alaska, to the U.S. Senate. Murkowski was rejected by Republicans in a hotly contested primary earlier this year. The Murkowskis, famous supporters of the bridge to nowhere and other pork, cannot afford to lose the last vestiges of their familial power, so Lisa Murkowski launched a write-in campaign funded largely by business interests beholden to her clan.

The issues of election integrity are real and not to be taken lightly. For starters, election officials violated state law when counting the ballots. An Alaska law clearly explains the requirements for write-in ballots, and people must spell the name correctly in order for the vote to count.

Instead of following the law, the chief election official, Republican Lt. Gov. Craig Campbell, another Frank Murkowski protégé, chose to ignore the law.

Another violation occurred when election officials failed to give voters who provided no identification a special “questioned ballot.” Questioned ballots are used when election officials – who are required by law to verify the voter’s information – are not given proper identification.

This statute was also ignored.

Finally, when the write-in ballots were counted, thousands were in similar handwriting. According to a sworn affidavit provided to us, election observer Elva Bettine said, “It appeared to me that the name ‘Lisa Murkowski”‘that was written on many of these ballots was written by the same person.”

This would be a third violation of Alaska law.

Elections officials appear to confirm the Miller allegation that hundreds of ballots were written by the same persons. Lt. Gov. Campbell explained the similar handwriting this way: “It is my belief that in a state where for some, English is a second language, it is my job to ensure they are enfranchised in the voting booth.” The argument they advance is that poll workers needed to fill out the ballots because some voters just can’t do it. But ask for documentation on how many Alaskan ballots were filled out by third parties, and elections officials cannot provide it.

And now for the icing on the cake – it is nearly impossible to understand the numbers. Precincts that had never supported a Republican reported for Murkowski at rates of 80 percent or more. Election experts will tell you than no community is this monolithic; much less do they change voting patterns this dramatically in any election.

These statistical anomalies suggest election fraud or voter coercion. But then again, it is unique when a local Republican Party is working so hard for the Republican nominee’s opponent. RINOs feel threatened by the tea party, and as the established order they are fighting tooth and nail to hang onto their power.

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