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The next chairman of the RNC

Michael Steele is about to be dumped as chairman of the Republican National Committee, but his successor is not likely to be any better.


Because the same business-as-usual forces responsible for selecting Steele are lining up to pick the new face of the RNC.

How does that work?

Look who is sponsoring the first debate between those eager to replace Steele – FreedomWorks and the Conservative Steering Committee.

FreedomWorks is the organization run by Dick Armey, the self-positioned leader of the tea-party movement who insists that movement avoid any discussion or promotion of so-called “social issues” as part of its agenda. Only economic issues are appropriate for the tea-party movement, says the organization that is well-funded by libertarian interests. So narrow is Armey’s definition of “economic issues” it does not include illegal immigration, which he considers to be a divisive issue. What he really means is that tea-party activists want to deal with the open border, while he prefers amnesty for the lawbreakers.

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Meanwhile, the Conservative Steering Committee is headed by James Bopp, a strong proponent of Mitt Romney for president. Nominating Mitt Romney as the Republican candidate for president in 2012 will ensure that Barack Obama’s policies as president will never be reversed. Even worse, Romney’s history as governor of Massachusetts strongly suggests he will take the Republican Party in a direction that will make it indistinguishable for most Americans from the Democratic Party. As I have written in the past, Romney may well be the most dangerous man in America, because, if he becomes the next president, he will most assuredly enshrine most of the Obama agenda as a permanent legacy for the country.

But, as far as the selection of the next RNC chairman, it only gets worse from here.

After Bopp and Armey put their stamp of approval on the next RNC leader, it will be Grover Norquist’s turn in January. His Americans for Tax Reform will hold another debate between the candidates for the position. Norquist sits on the board of GOProud, the Republican homosexual activist group that promotes same-sex marriage, hate-crimes laws and open homosexuality in the military. He is also, ironically, an ally of the Islamist agenda in the U.S.

In other words, it looks like the fix is in. The RNC is not likely to deviate from its propensity to support only establishment Republican candidates under its new leadership because those involved in selecting the next leader are the same forces that chose Steele. New face, same old RNC.

However, there is still time for right-thinking Republican activists to wake up and take action on a matter that will greatly impact the next election.

It’s just this simple: Don’t be led astray by Grover Norquist, Dick Armey and James Bopp. They all have their own narrow agendas. The next chairman of the RNC needs to be someone who: