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Last-minute Democratic treachery

After repeatedly promising voters before November’s election that they wouldn’t attempt to cram any more contentious leftist legislation down Americans’ throats during the subsequent lame-duck session, Democratic congressional leaders are showing once again what conscienceless frauds they truly are. Or maybe the phrase Sarah Palin used recently is even better: “corrupt bastards.”

Here’s what’s happening:

Having been overwhelmingly repudiated in a historic landslide election, Congress members can harbor no illusions about the will of the people, which can be summarized succinctly as follows: Stop forcing your jobs-killing, wealth-killing, freedom-killing, delusional, destructive leftist agenda on us. OK? We don’t want it, and we won’t accept it. Not now, not ever!

Yet, in the waning few days of the 111th Congress, the Democrats seem obsessed with forcing – just as they forced Obamacare down our unwilling throats – one monstrosity after another upon us: amnesty for millions of illegal aliens (DREAM Act); tax hikes on job creators during a recession with at least 17 percent real unemployment; a treaty with Russia (New START) that will hobble America’s prospects for missile defenses in an increasingly dangerous world; and forcing open homosexuality on the U.S. armed forces despite compelling evidence it will undermine and weaken our military.

Permit me to state the obvious: These congressional leaders have nothing but contempt for you, for the Constitution and for common sense. They’re drunk on power, and they live for self-aggrandizement and personal enrichment. One might ask, how do they sleep at night? Their consciences are anesthetized by their almost religious adherence to an insane utopian ideology that always fails, that justifies the most outrageous assaults on personal liberty and wealth, and that simultaneously imparts to them the delusion that they are righteous, compassionate and enlightened leaders.

OK, that’s the Democrats. So what about the Republicans?

Congressional Republicans could probably stop all of this naked legislative subversion if they really wanted to.

How? To begin with, they can be absolutely united – no exceptions, no compromises, no quid pro quo deals – in opposing every bit of the Democrats’ let’s-screw-America-on-the-way-out-the-door legislative campaign. They can filibuster – it’s a very powerful tool. And perhaps most important, they can go public – current Republicans as well as incoming Republicans not yet seated – and burn down the airwaves with truthful, expertly crafted, no-punches-pulled explanations of precisely what the Democrats are doing. In other words, they can demonstrate real courage.

For a moment, let me zero in on just one of these last-minute attacks on America.

Under Harry Reid’s leadership, the Senate is close to reversing the time-tested policy that has governed America’s armed forces with regard to homosexuality for over 200 years, since the days of George Washington.

Let’s take a look at the radical, politically correct, social-engineering experiment Congress is trying to force on our military – during wartime.

Let me be clear (as Obama always says when he’s about to muddy the waters): These Democrats are attempting – on their way out the door, having been repudiated by you, their bosses – to undermine our military, to open the floodgates for amnesty of millions of illegal aliens (who will of course reward their benefactors by becoming Democratic voters), to kill even more jobs than they already have by raising taxes on the people who create most of the private-sector employment, and to sabotage our prospects for missile defenses.

All after promising us they absolutely wouldn’t rush controversial measures through the brief lame-duck session.

Republicans in Congress, allow me to address you personally: Some of you are righteous souls who have been in the arena, fighting the good fight for a long, long time. I know a few of you personally, and think the world of you. Others of you are RINOs, you don’t have strong principles, you’re “pragmatic” and to some degree compromised by the benefits and allure of your coveted position, and by the arguments of the other side.

But here’s my warning to Republicans of all stripes: Tens of millions of outraged, true Americans are watching every move you make – I mean, they’re watching every time you sneeze, every time you blink.

Yes, you’re being watched by American patriots, war veterans, tea partiers, potential primary challengers and countless others who have personally sacrificed a great deal for this country and are simply sick to death of being betrayed and having their wealth, freedom, culture, security and sovereignty stolen from them.

Congressional Republicans, you must stop the Democrats’ attempted orgy of destruction on their way out the door.

But if, despite all your best efforts, you should fail, then you must dedicate your lives, fortunes and sacred honor to repealing, defunding, blocking through parliamentary or other means, the Democrats’ legislative attacks on our nation. This is your mission in life right now as a GOP member of Congress. It is where God has put you. If you do not do embrace this battle wholeheartedly, if you are not deeply dedicated to total overthrow of the Obama agenda regardless of what it means for you personally and professionally, then you don’t deserve to be in Congress – everyone will see it and you will be replaced in the next election.

And now, dear reader, here’s something you can do right now to make your wishes known to Congress. Sign WND’s new online petition to the U.S. Senate demanding that they immediately cease their attempts to repeal “don’t ask, don’t tell.”

Let’s honor the service and sacrifice of our armed forces by not forcing an absurd and dangerous social experiment on them. We’re at war; let’s act like it.

Sign the petition now.