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Planned Parenthood in bull's-eye of undercover ops

Live Action President Lila Rose

Already, undercover videos filmed and produced by the Live Action team of pro-life students have documented Planned Parenthood officials expressing “excitement” at a donation that would kill unborn black children, repeatedly providing medically incorrect information to patients and multiple cases where statutory rape is hidden.

The work was begun by founder Lila Rose, a UCLA student, and her team of friends, and their work has prompted multiple investigations by states that in Virginia cost Planned Parenthood $500,000 in funding, in Orange County, Calif., that cost $300,000 in funding and the potential loss of $1.1 million in Tennessee and another $4.5 million in California.

Further, the Monroe County, Ind., prosecutor launched a grand jury investigation in response to videos revealing alleged sexual abuse cover-up. In Arizona, the Maricopa County prosecutor asked the legislature to strengthen existing reporting statutes. In Alabama, Attorney General Troy King launched an investigation of Planned Parenthood and in the same state, the Department of Health put Planned Parenthood of Birmingham on probation after finding a multitude of violations.

Now, officials with Live Action have announced plans to boost the pressure on the nation’s largest abortion industry player, with teams of new students being trained for undercover investigations and more documentation planned.

“What we’ve found, from the youth perspective, when we are bold, we’re professional, uncompromising, people who before were lukewarm or OK with abortion, become sensitive as they should be to this injustice,” Rose told WND. “We find we need to ruffle some feathers.”

The video documentation of the organization’s work reveals the misinformation coming from Planned Parenthood:

Also uncovered was the willingness to accept race-based donations:

And then there’s the issue of concealing sex abuse:

Live Action has set up a special procedure to raise funds for the programs that Rose describes as a step up from the “shocking video evidence” already compiled.

Rose frequently was the undercover operator who obtained incriminating statements from Planned Parenthood during the first several projects, but she told WND she now is training volunteer teams to go out and duplicate her work as part of Live Action’s 2011 investigations.

After all, she said, several times she was in an abortion business obtaining undercover evidence even though Planned Parenthood had posted her own picture on a bulletin board warning employees to beware of her.

“With recent unprecedented pro-life gains in state and local government, now is a critical time for the pro-life movement to keep the pressure on the abortion industry,” she said.

The organization already has made 16 videos in its Mona Lisa, Rosa Acuna and racism projects in nine different states.