On the hypocrisy meter, it’s hard to top the Obama government’s over-the-top ratings.

On the one hand, the government demands naked full-body photos – or they will put their hands down in your underwear and grope your privates – to insure you have no secrets. Only after this will you be accorded the “privilege” of using your airline ticket to travel from point A to point B.

On the other hand, the government has been groping your private financial affairs for years. And they can now track your movements in real time using an agent’s “warrant,” your cell-phone records and credit card purchases.

While the government has their hands all over our privates, they demand that we know nothing about their privates. “State secrets, Herr Comrade!”

Let’s see: We the people have paid the wages of the bureaucrats and politicians who generated these “secrets.” We the people have paid for the equipment they used to generate these “secrets.” We the people paid for the travel, hotels and limousines they used while generating these “secrets.” We paid for “security” and encrypted networks on which to transmit the “secrets.” And now we get to pay for the damages these “secrets” have caused. “Just don’t you dare ask to see the secrets! They’re our secrets, not your secrets.”

Does “paid for” seem like a common thread here?

In the corporate and copyright world, this is known as a “work for hire,” and whomever pays for it, owns it. So I guess it would be bad, for instance, if our employee, Hillary Clinton, ordered her staff to obtain credit card and cellular telephone numbers from representatives at the United Nations?

Now, why might Mrs. Clinton want such information? You don’t suppose that it might be to obtain telephone and billing records, do you? Kind of makes you wonder if she might be looking for some “leverage” to help get Bill Clinton elected as head of the United Nations, doesn’t it? (This is properly viewed as version two of Hillary’s 1,400 FBI files on Republicans – found in her White House bedroom, when Bill was POTUS.) Any idea why Hillary might want to keep this order “secret”?

If a corporate employee used the corporation’s resources for personal gain, she’d be fired. Why is Mrs. Clinton still working “for us”?

Governments have secrets that are valid. But they have far more secrets that are self-serving cover for bad behavior by government employees and politicians. Why doesn’t the boss have a right to know what the employees are doing?

Think of this latest document dump as a TSA groping for government officials.

Last week I told you that the government had panicked over this WikiLeaks release. But the Afghan war documents were all released last summer. What was the government response back then? “Ho, hum …”

This group of documents are embarrassing, but not much more. Why the extreme panic?

Here’s my guess. It’s not about this group of documents. It’s about the next group. WikiLeaks has promised financial and other records from a large American bank. But that seems odd: Banks are corporations, and as such their records are open to shareholders. Aren’t they?

Have you ever noticed that banks are almost always allowed to merge and become bigger, bigger and bigger? All of these mergers, the government regulators assure us, do not harm competition. (I guess that’s why, when banks can borrow money essentially free, credit cards still charge 25-30 percent interest? That’s certainly helped the recovery – of bank executives’ bonuses.)

It will be interesting to see what price the banks have paid to the regulators for their merger approvals. The price, I suspect, is additional overhead, which is the cost of providing so much private financial information to the government. Of course, I’d wager the sweetheart deals are really sweet, too. (Those howling the loudest probably got the sweetest deals.) That’s why the government is in full panic mode now.

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