Some are out of print and gone forever, and others are running out – but for a limited time, WND is offering one of the most valuable and highly acclaimed reference libraries available – the complete collection of Whistleblower editions (all 65 that are still available) – for only $59.95!

“This is really unprecedented,” said WND Managing Editor David Kupelian. “Single copies of Whistleblower normally sell for $7.50, and right now they’re less than $1 each! I hope lots of readers take advantage of this incredibly generous offer.”

As two other alternatives, readers may opt for purchasing the entire year of 2010 Whistleblower editions for less than half-price – only $19.95 for all 12 issues. They may also opt for a complete set of 2009’s Whistleblower issues – for only $14.95!

The “2010 Whistleblower Gift Pack” includes:

  • January 2010 – “THE CRISIS CREATORS: How the Marxist Cloward-Piven strategy of manufactured crisis works in the Obama administration.”

  • February 2010 – “HIJACKING SCIENCE: From global warming to evolution, from psychology to sociology, blatant corruption of science is running rampant.”

  • March 2010 – “STEALING THE NEXT ELECTION: Amnesty, universal voter registration, felons voting, operatives planted: Team Obama’s strategy for maintaining permanent power.”
  • April 2010 – “THE GREAT AWAKENING: How tea partiers are setting a new course for America.”
  • May 2010 – “STUNNING SCIENCE OF THE SHROUD: Latest discoveries support the conclusion that the Shroud of Turin is the actual burial cloth of Jesus Christ.”
  • June 2010 – “STEALTH ATTACK: How the Left took control of America piece by piece – schools, media, churches, and now government.”
  • July 2010 – “AMERICA THE EXCEPTIONAL: Why it’s the greatest nation in human history.”
  • August 2010 – “BATTLE PLAN: Strategies and tactics for overturning Obama’s socialist agenda.”
  • September 2010 – “OBAMA AND THE NEW RACISM: How today’s leftist government creates prejudice, discrimination, hatred.”
  • October 2010 – “FUTURE SHOCK: Where America is headed under Obama.
  • November 2010 – “AMERICA’S ‘GAY’ OBSESSION: Culture, politics, marriage, even the military – why homosexuality is advancing.”
  • December 2010 – “GEORGE SOROS AND HIS EVIL EMPIRE: Exposing the real power behind the radical transformation of America.”


And the “2009 Whistleblower Gift Pack” includes:

  • January 2009 – “SECRETS OF THE LEFT: A guided tour inside the mind of the ruling elite.”

  • February 2009 – “FIGHTING BACK: How right-thinking citizens can recapture America’s culture and politics.”
  • March 2009 – “BLACK HOLE: What’s really going on with the U.S. economy – and how you can succeed despite the chaos.”

  • April 2009 – “YOUR PAPERS, PLEASE? Why dozens of lawsuits and millions of Americans want Barack Obama to prove he’s constitutionally qualified to be president.”
  • May 2009 – “NARCISSIST IN CHIEF: Experts explain what makes Barack Obama tick.”
  • June 2009 – “DON’T TREAD ON ME: Rebellion in America’s Heartland.”
  • July 2009 – “SOFT TYRANNY: Behind the captivating rhetoric, a revolutionary agenda unfolds.”
  • August 2009 – “MEDICAL MURDER: Why Obamacare could result in the early deaths of millions of baby boomers.”
  • September 2009 – “POWER PLAY: ‘Cap-and-trade’: How Obama is using a phony crisis to advance global governance, cripple industry, tax everyone (especially the poor) and gain unprecedented power.”
  • October 2009 – “MOB RULE: Under Obama, Chicago-style bullying and intimidation go nationwide.”
  • November 2009 – “SHADOW GOVERNMENT: Inside the mad, mad, mad, mad world of Obama’s czars.”
  • December 2009 – “SEE NO JIHAD, HEAR NO JIHAD, SPEAK NO JIHAD: Why the government and media seem oblivious to America’s rapid infiltration by a violent totalitarian movement.”

Whistleblower, which many readers simply call the world’s best newsmagazine, is WND’s acclaimed monthly print publication. Each edition focuses entirely on one big topic – a topic crucial to our readers’ well-being, but one either ignored or twisted out of recognition by the “mainstream media.”

A Whistleblower set amounts to your own private research library, courtesy of WND’s top journalists.

“Because of the kind of information and insight we pack into each Whistleblower edition,” said Kupelian, “they almost never go out of date. Years after we publish them, we have readers who eagerly purchase individual issues for $7.50 each, to get WND’s ‘definitive report’ on the topic of their choice.

“Now here’s the chance to get the entire collection for a tiny fraction of what they normally cost.”

To see what’s in the Whistleblower Complete Set of 65 issues, including all of the 2009 and 2010 editions plus much more, peruse the Whistleblower section of the WND Superstore. View all the 2008-2010 issues here, the 2005-2007 issues here, and the 2001-2004 issues here.

Get your “Whistleblower Complete Set” for only $59.95 – less than a dollar an issue!

Get the “2010 Whistleblower Gift Pack” for only $19.95.

Get the “2009 Whistleblower Gift Pack” for only $14.95.

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