Saturday Night Live Update Desk, 1987

This is the American Dream. A poor, little white girl from Carol City, whose teacher-and-nurse parents can’t afford her college, who is not a “minority,” so she doesn’t qualify for government assistance, who has a nasal voice, can’t really sing well, and who would never make the Olympics despite her 18 years of daily gymnastic training, earns a ridiculously huge weekly salary on a comedy television show seen around the world. This opportunity only happens in America. That is why people from all over the globe have moved here. The hope of the American Dream.

Oh, the beauty of capitalism. This poor, little white girl then spends her checks on toys, cars and manicured fingernails, and her manicurist from Vietnam also has the American Dream. She saves up her tips and buys a car, and then buys the nail salon and calls it Nail Art. She then spends her money on cars and toys and the cycle continues, higher and higher the quality of each product goes as the free market lets hardworking dreamers compete.

This American Dream will be destroyed by globalism.

At “Saturday Night Live,” we were supposed to write our own sketches. I would sit in my small office alone, staring at the blank sheet of paper in my IBM Selectric, on the 17th floor of 30 Rockefeller Plaza. I had stapled pink and blue tulle to the ceiling to look like clouds. A few fan letters were stapled to the walls; one said I had “good melons” and one was from a murderer. I would look out the window that stared at another gray building window and squeeze my brain hoping an idea would pop out.

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Sitting inside Carnegie Hall for the first time was one of the perks of my job. Surrounded by the majestic building and its history, still amazed by this supernaturally cool job as an “SNL” cast member and listening to an orchestra playing classical Christmas music, BOOM! – I get inspired. I will BE a Christmas tree … upside-down, of course. Anyone can be one the normal way. While Mike Meyers was scribbling “Wayne’s World,” and Dana Carvey was feverishly pounding out a new, brilliant Church Lady, I was in the wardrobe department asking them to create me a costume that would be a tree, full of ornaments, lightweight and balanced. If the weight was not perfectly distributed, I would not be able to hold my handstand on the Update Desk. I competed with other female comediennes to get the job on “SNL,” and I competed with fellow cast mates to get air time. The competition just made us all better.

Nick Perdomo and me, 2010

My friend cigar magnate Nick Perdomo is the American Dream. His parents were legal immigrants from Cuba. Nick started his Perdomo cigars in his garage. It now employs 4,200 people. Hear his story:

The American Dream will be destroyed by globalism.

In researching globalism, my dad handed me this amazing book, “When The World Will Be As One,” by Tal Brooke. It brilliantly links the hippies, LSD, John Lennon, New Age, UFOs, Freud, atheism, psychotherapy, Masons, human secularism, Marx, Lenin, EST, The Forum, corporate seminars, Fabian Socialism, channeling, mediums, mysticism, Buddhism, the occult, Dewey, progressive education, Keynes, socialist economics, homosexuality, the Harvard Law Review and globalism with … demons.

The Great Lie that binds all of these ideas, though adeptly disguised as political, social and economic philosophies, the Great Lie is this: Man is God.

Wasn’t that the first lie? In the Garden of Eden? And even before. New Age is old.

“Lucifer fell (Isaiah 14:12-14) and became Satan, the father of lies. The very pride that ensnared him – the desire to become God – he turned against the human race. … His footprints can be seen across time, across human history, as the great adversary of God who is the architect of the Great Lie, and the secret mystery religion upon which it rides.”

Tal Brooke believes New Age is the religion of globalism, just like it was in Genesis 11, the Tower of Babel, where man tries to create a utopia based on his self-sufficiency and completely devoid of God.

Tal Brooke regards Oprah’s religion as “New Age, as a Satanic conspiracy through which people are spiritually seduced. … It attracts increasing numbers of educated, globally minded people. The New Age path of salvation is the discovery that the myth of the savior ‘out there’ is being replaced with the myth of the hero ‘in here.’ Its ultimate expression is the discovery of the divinity within us.”

Globalism promotes the lie that competition is evil, success is greed, and morality is relative.

This trend toward globalism, a movement endorsed by Obama and liberals/progressives, is the death of freedom and of Christianity because the individual must die. God created man as an individual, Psalm 139, responsible for his sins to a personal God. DNA scientifically proves the uniqueness of each human. There is no “collective salvation” as Obama’s church, Black LiberationTheology, teaches.

As a beginner political activist two years ago, I went to and clicked in “liberal” to research. Strangely, the links went back to … progressive – Dewey – social progress – Kant – Neitzche – Hegel – Marx -atheism – Comte – secular humanism – Man is God.

Daniel 11:36-37 describes the Antichrist who will rule a one-world government, “… and the kind shall do according to his will; exalt himself, magnify himself above every god, speak marvelous things against the God of gods, prosper till the indignations be accomplished; … neither shall he regard the God of his fathers, nor the desire of women (gay) nor regard any god; for he shall magnify himself above all.”

As globalism destroys freedom, capitalism, the American Dream and Christianity, we would be doomed … but God (2 Peter 3:10,13).

Liberals want to kill the American Dream. Conservatives want to pass on the American Dream to their children and share the American Dream with legal immigrants and their children. Why would anyone want to be a liberal?

P.S. I could not finish my globalism research because my daughter Scarlet just gave birth to my first grandchild, Ever Grace, on Dec. 22, 2010, at 6:36 p.m. I’ve been a little distracted!

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