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Defending Christmas is year-round battle

Now that we have experienced Christmas 2010, and the new year is upon us, it might be prudent for Christians to reflect on what we have learned this year from both the friends and foes of the season set aside to celebrate the act of God in heaven taking on human flesh and coming to earth.

Even for those of us who have been long aware of the orchestrated undermining Christmas, this Advent season made it crystal clear that in the face of pushback after pushback by the Christian majority, those who want the de-Christianize Christmas and the American public square are determined and relentless. They are a well-arrayed, brazen elite that hold the American Christian majority in contempt and refuse to back down in their quest to thwart the religious will of this nation’s people.

What has become equally clear is the Christian majority has had enough and is ready and willing to fight back. There is a growing proliferation of websites, local and national Christian organizations that hold the common goals to defend and promote Christian Christmas. This means increasing numbers of Christian spokesmen who are coming to the public scene to engage the opposition.

Amazingly, anti-Christmas groups like the American Atheist Organization that put up the meanspirited anti-Christ billboard at the New Jersey entrance to the Lincoln Tunnel in New York don’t seem to be aware of the bad public relations profile they are building for themselves. Conversely, they could possibly strategize that causing controversy puts them in the center of the debate and gives them definitive authority – like telling the world that the Nativity and the deity of Jesus Christ is not real.

However, overt acts against Christmas really consolidate Christians across the nation in our collective outrage and affirm our resolve to turn back every politically correct incursion applied against our Christmas culture. Most of us now understand that defending Christmas and our Christian way of life is a year-round proposition.

While spokesmen representing organizations weigh in on the national debates, Christians in local communities should spend the bulk of their energies organizing and talking to one another about instituting plans for reverent Christian Christmas 2011 displays and celebrations, while they also work for the election of Christians to local public offices.

It is time to halt and reverse the trend of changing public celebrations from “Christmas” to “holiday.” Christians must be present or in charge of next year’s planning committees and organizations in order to effect change. Christians must position
themselves now to be a part of every group that will influence its presentation and display in their communities – the parade committee, Christmas bazaar organizers, the Christmas tree-lighting ceremony and city hall Christmas decorations.

We all should do our best to fight the substitution of the Nativity image with a Christmas tree, or even worse, Santa Claus. We must also demand that the U.S. Postal Service put the Nativity on a stamp for 2011 and have more than one kind of Christmas stamp that says “Christmas.” As many of you who are so inclined, please start e-petitions and send them to the Postmaster General until a public response to our demand occurs.

The Nativity is the logo for Christmas, and Christians must pursue every course to give it the highest profile in the land during Advent 2011. Individuals and groups should plan to post Nativity scene messages on strategic billboards throughout the nation. Churches and Christian ministries should produce posters and television public service announcements that highlight the Nativity image.

As individuals we can plan to use Nativity inspired decals, stickers, bumper stickers and Christmas cards. We can plan to hang a Nativity flag outside of our homes, and we can also encourage our respective churches to produce a Nativity Christmas button noted with their church name and the year. Each of us can either buy or make our own outdoor Nativity display for our homes.

Individual Christians might also organize a neighborhood project; like each neighbor on your block would create a large lighted sign that says one of the many names of Jesus; the Prince of Peace, Bright and Morning Star and so forth. Your block would be a beautiful sight to behold and make a powerful statement for Christ.

It is important that we all stay abreast of the latest Christmas news throughout 2011. We should know who is assaulting and who is defending Christmas and determine how each one of us can help to protect American Christian culture while we cheer for our victories.

I, the Christian Christmas Lady, intend to continue my campaign to get all the churches in America to ring their Christmas church bells during the upcoming Advent and on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day of 2011. Please continue to forward my column entitled, “Ring the Christmas Church Bells!” and read my entire WND Advent column archive. You can also email me. Please pick up a copy of my book, “101 Ways to Have a Christian Christmas” – it will be of great assistance to Christian Christmas advocates.

May our Lord Jesus Christ bless and keep you.