When famous radio talk-show host Mike Savage wrote a book entitled, “Liberalism is a Mental Disorder,” I slapped my thigh and chortled with delight. I thought it was a delicious “shtick” and would surely win him the acclaim and money a jape like that deserves. But I didn’t take it seriously.

Now, after the Arizona massacre of Jan. 8, I fear I short-changed my buddy Mike. A quick listen to the national conversation written, tweeted, bleated or blithered tells me Mike wasn’t kidding. His indictment may sound like the successful last word in a schoolyard insult-derby, but a lot of true words are spoken through false teeth.

The overall liberal reaction to the Arizona mass murders, indeed, betrays mental disorder sharp and deep.

Just minutes after the news broke, CNN brought on a political cartoonist for Arizona newspapers who dashed from his home nearby to the murder scene. He corrected the CNN anchor who called him a “journalist.” “I’m a political cartoonist,” he insisted. “Not a journalist. So don’t expect any impartiality from me.” Warning fair, but unnecessary. I don’t know what kind of political cartoonist he is, but I know he’s a perfect political cartoon! He lost no time blaming the “tea party” and the “far right” for the carnage.

“Surely civilization can’t be far behind,” I thought. Surely major spokesmen, including marquee-name liberals, will speak out, scold those denuded of any and all knowledge who blame the “right” and demand we all unite with ears, eyes and hearts open and mouths shut until we actually know something.

No such luck. From leftist blogs to Democratic elected officials all the way up (at least it used to be UP!) to the New York Times and other major newspapers, liberals were cavorting upon the ghastly news and pointing the bony finger of blame at the right, hoping their gusto could be successfully disguised as indignation. It’s possible I inferred what they didn’t mean to imply, but to me it sounded like, “Gee! It’s too bad half a dozen people had to die, including a 9-year-old girl and a federal judge, but THIS MAY HELP US REVERSE THE DIRECTION OF THE MIDTERM ELECTIONS!”

Are you sure you want to say Sarah Palin was responsible for the shootings because her Facebook entry had depicted Rep. Gabrielle Giffords’s district in “cross-hairs”; you get it: as a “target” for Republican takeover last November? They’re not just saying it; they’re shouting it. And one of the leading left-leaning blogs added, “Mission Accomplished, Sarah!” after the fusillade.

The absence of civilized reaction to tragedy qualifies as a mental disorder. Dr. Freud, yield your chair, please, to Dr. Michael Savage! Mike’s point is strengthened by the fact that we don’t hear of one single case of someone on the right ignorantly and arrogantly blaming the “left.” It’s time to review a short lesson in America’s weakest subject: Conspiracy: 101.

Suppose a man carrying, for example, a Greek flag grabs a 90-year-old woman on Times Square, throws her to the pavement, jams his kneecap into her throat while emptying her purse, all the while waving the Greek flag and yelling, “Long Live Greece!” Your average American would say, “My, these Greeks are behaving poorly.” Everybody in Europe over the age of 10 would know immediately that man’s not Greek. He’s a Turkish provocateur out to give the Greeks a bad name.

Lady Justice fixed the left just fine. She waited just enough hours to suck all the venal-and-vicious blame-the-right crowd out of their newsrooms, their elected offices, the chambers where their blogs are born and the woodwork. Then she let us know the truth about Jared Lee Loughner, the alleged killer. He’s hardly a hit-man pushed over the edge by the murderous mandates of victorious conservatives. He’s not a right-winger. He’s not apolitical. He admires the writings of Adolf Hitler as well as those of Karl Marx. That makes him OMNI-political.

And he’s a leftist.

And he’s an incandescent whack-job who does whatever his Rice Krispies tell him to do.

Do you unskilled opportunists of the left realize how closely you resemble those lamentable creatures – half-ape and half-football player – who stand there throwing idiotic hand-signals indicating their team recovered the fumble, without a clue as to what’s happening at the bottom of the pile?

It takes an orthodox reverence-for-life to feel entirely bad when the bomb explodes in the terrorist’s face. The left for the moment reminds us once again of the man who enters the Chinese laundry and says, “Wong, I left my ticket at home, but that’s my bundle right there.”

The “No-tickee, no laundry” routine goes back and forth, whereupon the man erupts and yells, “Dammit, Wong. I’ve been your customer for 18 years. Give me the damned laundry!” Nothing doing.

The man storms out of the laundry into the car of his friend who’s been double-parked. “Damned Jew!” he growls as he slams the door.

“He’s not Jewish,” said his friend. “He’s Chinese!”

“They’re the worse kind,” rails the man. “They don’t even look like Jews!”

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