No, its not Rep. Peter King – another RINO on terminal life support by the Republican Hierarchy. Mr. King obviously thinks passing a law against lunatics hell-bent on murder will deter them. “Oh, gee whiz! I can’t have a firearm within a thousand feet of them. Guess I better not do it – or I’ll go to jail!” What a moron!

No, the lone voice of sanity is not the Arizona sheriff “investigating” the crime. The sheriff obviously needs new glasses: He thinks he saw Sarah Palin or Rush Limbaugh pull the trigger. Quite frankly, if you can’t see the difference between Rush Limbaugh and Sarah Palin, you lack more than good judgment! Or perhaps the sheriff was simply doing his imitation of blind justice?

Don’t look for a voice of sanity among the mainlining media. That long, monotonous tone you hear by their bedside is a flat brainwave. It’s been that way since they became a covert branch office of the Democratic National Committee. Flatlined on DNC talking points. What a terrible death!

You can’t mean the Democrats – can you? No. Did they learn anything from their electoral shellacking last fall? Nope – not a thing. They want to ban “incendiary speech” – i.e. anything or anyone who disagrees with them or their comrades’ talking points. “Here, Herr Constitutionalist – walk through this scatter-brained X-ray unit to make sure you’re not in disagreement with me before we talk the talk.” In other words, let’s criminalize dissent. Then we can “all just get along.”

Well, then it must be – gasp – the Republican leadership? Not so far. Peter King just introduced an unconstitutional bill – and he still has his committee assignments (most notably, Homeland Security). “Bad Boehner – go hit yourself with a wet, rolled up Washington Post!”

So who is the lone voice of sanity? It’s me. Since the days of America’s first self-proclaimed black President – Bill Clinton – I’ve warned that there is only one way to end the hate speech and stop the violence. Get government out of our lives. Unlike private-sector services, government “services” can’t be refused (unless you want to experience even more government). Suddenly the whole population has a dog in the fight.

So listen up: Restore America to the land of the free and the home of the brave. Cut the spending. Stop the money flow into Washington, D.C. Get government out of our lives. Do what you’re supposed to and no more. That’s all we ask. That’s how you restore domestic peace and tranquility to America.

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