Both the New York Post and the New York Daily News have reported the murder of a Portuguese journalist, 65-year-old gossip columnist Carlos Castro.

But while both of these dailies report his murder, allegedly by 20-year-old male model Renato Seabra, they disagree regarding the instrument used to castrate Castro.

The Post suggested that the castration of Castro was done “possibly with a broken wine glass – police sources said.”

The Daily News, however, reported that Seabra “told cops he used a corkscrew to sever 65-year-old Carlos Castro’s genitals as a way to cure the older man of his homosexuality,” police sources said.

The Post reported on Jan. 8:

“The nude, sexually mutilated body of a Portuguese journalist was found in a pool of blood on the floor of a posh Times Square hotel room last night – and hours later a male model suspected in the grisly slaying stumbled into a nearby hospital with a pair of slit wrists.

“The castrated corpse of Carlos Castro, a 65-year-old gay activist and gossip columnist, was discovered shortly after 7 p.m. in a 34th floor room at the Intercontinental New York Times Square Hotel on West 44th Street near Eighth Avenue. …

“Around midnight, Castro’s boyfriend, Renato Seabra – a chiseled-chested fashion plate who recently appeared on a model-search reality show in his native Portugal – showed up at Roosevelt Hospital with both wrists slashed, those sources said. …

“Police said a female friend of Castro’s was aware that there was some kind of dispute between the men, who checked in on Dec. 29, cops said.

“The woman, Wanda Pires, had dinner the night before the killing with Castro and Seabra at Paulinos Restaurant on Bowery and Houston Street, sources told the Post.

“The two men were obviously furious at each other, Pires told cops. The next day, Wanda Pires found out why, when she called Castro and he told her he had a falling out with his young boy toy. …

“Seabra’s appearance last fall on the model-search show – called ‘Search for a Dream’ – made him a minor celebrity in his homeland. A fan page dedicated to him on Facebook had 2,290 followers.

“‘I’m a very happy person who likes to live with the fine things in life and to enjoy it to the maximum,’ Seabra, who hails from a small town north of Lisbon, was quoted as saying on the site.

“Castro had a daily column at Portugal’s Correio de Manha newspaper, where he covered the country’s wealthy jet set.”

The Daily News reported:

  • Seabra’s explanation that the only reason he castrated and killed his repeated roommate with a corkscrew was to ‘get rid of Castro’s homosexual demons.’

  • Seabra and Castro traveled together from Portugal to New York City – where they roomed together.
  • Despite this, Seabra’s mother claimed on Portuguese TV: “My son was not Carlos Castro’s lover.”

Another question concerning this anguishing mutilation and homicide of the undeniably homosexual journalist Castro: Has there been any comment on this at all from any of those many so-called “gay” organizations?

And, by way of an absolutely horrendous question left unanswered: Did the castration take place before – or after – the murder?

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