Something bad is happening. Small groups of moms are gathering by candlelight across the country. We will do anything to protect our children. Tonight I am at a WIN meeting. is my newest attempt to “arm” myself for “battle.” Oops! Not allowed to make “war” (oops) references in referring to “conquering” (oops) evil. My words may lead metaphor-ignorant folks to “attack” (oops) physically instead of ideologically their “enemies.” (Oops!) Let’s just say we moms are going to save our country for our children. With God’s help.

We open in prayer. Spunky the pit bull is lying on Mary Margaret’s lap snoring.

The book we are reading, “Take Back America” by Mathew Staver, is sitting on the coffee table beneath a small American flag that we are pledging allegiance to. My eyes are full of tears. How did my country come to this? I feel like we are hiding. Have we done something wrong? I feel like we are Anne Frank or the underground church in China.

First, we must acknowledge that we Christian moms “dropped the ball.” Sports metaphors are still allowed, right? My new best friend from my cruise last week, Gary DeMar ( and lists several reasons why Christians over the last 30 years have left politics to the left.

Look out. The Christians are waking up. Since most of our WIN group is made up of beginner political activists and I’ve had two years’ experience, I share with them some of my new knowledge.

Were you subject to government-school “History” about this nation’s founding? Read the truth in Gary DeMar’s book “America’s Christian History: The Untold Story”

What I’ve learned about China this week:

  1. We owe them a lot of money;

  2. Michelle Obama is telling U.S. schoolchildren to learn Chinese;
  3. China has a history of treating their people badly – no freedom – no “human rights”;
  4. Their Communist dictator is visiting our Communist “dictator-wannabe” president this week;
  5. They have been experimenting with capitalism, and it is booming their economy;
  6. Their illegal, underground Christian “house” church is booming despite persecution;
  7. A book entitled “The Normal Christian Life” by Watchman Nee led millions to Jesus Christ;
  8. The Three Self Church (Patriotic Movement) is their legal Christianity, controlled by the state;
  9. Traditional Chinese religion is ancient, superstitious, pagan, ancestral worship;
  10. We owe them a lot of money.

Communist Cuba and China have recently realized that the Marxist economic model does not work, and they are now experimenting with the capitalist profit incentive system – and seeing great results. Oddly, liberals are trying to implant the Marxist economic model (i.e. Obamacare) into our country, knowing it will destroy us. They are the “enemy” (oops) within. They must be “stopped.” (Is the word “stop” allowed?)

Altadena, Calif., Aug. 12, 2009, Schiff Health Care Townhall

I am thrilled at the new Congress’ House vote to repeal Obamacare! Way back in 2009, I was out on the liberal streets of Los Angeles with my protest sign, trying to warn my fellow Americans of the evil (higher taxes, job loss, health rationing, taxpayer-funded abortion) in this bill.

Altadena, Calif., Aug. 12, 2009, Schiff Health Care Townhall

As I look about this room of only eight women, one could get discouraged, but “there were only 56 signers of the Declaration Independence, there were only 12 apostles, and one man changed the world,” our passionate, blond, Venezuela-born speaker reminds us.

A friend of Jerry Johnson‘s once said, “The greatest shifts in a society, those which changed the course of nations and history were the result, not of a majority, but a minority who refused to compromise their beliefs.”

Jerry then told me, “During the English Civil War under Cromwell and the Parliamentary forces, only a small percentage of the nation actually wanted to see the King (Charles I) overthrown. The same goes for the American War for Independence. One-third sided with King George and England. One-third was indifferent and did not seem to care one way or the other. And one-third favored secession even by force. This means if it had been put to a popular vote, the Revolutionary War would never have taken place and we would still be part of Great Britain. On the negative side, no more than 10 percent of Germans actually belonged to the Nazi Party. And yet, they nearly conquered the world. It is those who will not comprise who usually win the day by wearing the opposition down.”

I will not be worn down. Although some TV liberals call me “weird,” and “coo-coo for Cocoa Puffs,” and some liberal bloggers call me “a fat has-been,” and Keith Olberman once labeled me the “second-worst person in the world,” I will continue to speak the truth in this “fight” (oops), “battle” (oops) … um … disagreement thing. Conservatives call me names, too – names like “smart, educated, informed and honest.” So, I like conservatives better!

Note: Referring to last week’s piece on Glenn Beck’s Mormonism, be sure to read this column.

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