As I suspected, China has no intention of befriending us. The main goal of President Hu’s visit was to humiliate and degrade us as a country. He took advantage of our thanks and allowed one man to sum up China’s feelings toward the United States. This man’s name is Lang Lang, and he is a pianist … an America-hating pianist who should have been booed off the stage.

Lang Lang thought he was so clever. He was chosen to perform at the elaborate butt-kissing marathon hosted by Obama. He played a song for patriots – anti-American patriots that is. The song is called “My Motherland,” and it is more than offensive; it’s downright hateful. The song was featured in a 1956 film known as “Battle on Shangangling.” It’s about greeting “jackals,” aka American soldiers with rifles.

Imagine if someone from the U.S. had done something like this? China would have cut off their hands. But between you and me, getting your hands cut off is less painful than what would await them back home in liberal America. The left would crucify that person. But Lang is a hero to his people. They see his actions as courageous and funny. Even Lang said, “I think playing the tune at the White House banquet can help us, as Chinese people, feel extremely proud of ourselves and express our feelings through the song.”

I wonder, what would it take to make Obama angry? What would Lang Lang have to do for Obama to put a stop to his performance? If Lang Lang had stripped down to his underwear and started screaming “Death to America,” would he have budged? Some might say it would have been rude to interrupt Lang’s performance. But hey, if I invite someone to my house (regardless if I owe them money) and they start singing about killing my family, I’m going medieval on them. Debt shmet, you disrespect my family? You better play dead.

Unacceptable is the only word that comes to mind when I think about Obama. He just sat there and let us get the biggest pie in the face. When Lang started playing his Anti-American propaganda, Obama should have left. I don’t expect him to get violent, or start shouting for Lang to stop. He could have stood up and walked out. That would have sent a clear message that respect is a two-way street. There is no excuse for Obama’s lack of action. He has proven that he is nothing more than a marionette working for the liberal puppet masters. He can’t do anything without being directed. He can’t speak up without a prompter.

Obama probably didn’t even realize what was happening. I wouldn’t be surprised to find out he enjoyed Lang’s musical rendition of “I hate America.” There he was with that blank grin thinking how great he is, thinking how wonderful it is that he reached out to China. He threw Hu a “please like me” party and made us look like complete fools. Falling all over Hu, telling him how much we want to be friends, Obama was like a new kid in the schoolyard who just wanted to be accepted. All the while China is giving us a national swirly in the political toilet.

Obama deserves a wedgie the size of his ego for what he’s done to us. He has helped our enemy embarrass us in front of the entire world. Who in their right mind would respect us now? Obama allowed us to be humiliated. He allowed Lang and Hu to spit in our face. He’s made us appear weak and inferior. He has failed to lead by example. If he cannot stand up to Hu, what’s the point of it all? My dose of honesty: We need a president who is strong, opinionated yet open minded; someone who will lead with his heart and protect our good name at any cost. Obama is none of those things, and this fiasco shows his true character … weak. As for Lang, he should never be allowed to set foot on American soil ever again.

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