Jan. 26, 2011: Me at home in Miami

Wow! Obama’s not a communist anymore! He’s a centrist! Yippee!

Because I am now a Women Impacting the Nation mother, or WIN, I force myself to watch the boring State of the Union speech when I get home from Teenager’s piano solo at a school event. I have a splitting headache because I am trying to fast and pray this week. I made it to three days.

Don’t I look thinner and younger in my picture above?

O is reading his teleprompter. He is trying so hard to look like a conservative capitalist. The 2010 elections showed him that some of us are on to him. I’ve got his number. I’ve studied him. I don’t want to. I’d rather study French or cooking or art. But, we mothers have to save America for our children.

(Has anyone noticed that whenever O does any small thing that is not communist, the stock market goes up? Our economy is desperate for a capitalist leader.)

In his stupid speech, the new Obama uses capitalist words like “competition” and “invent!” He says he will “consider” changes to Obamacare and tort reform! Centrist, centrist, centrist! O doesn’t accidentally say “spread the wealth” or 57 states or “my Muslim faith!” (Well, he is reading from the friggin’ teleprompter.)

Then, he criticizes oil companies. I guess that’s to please the left. His “innovate” means government programs. His “invest” means spend money we don’t have. He says “freeze on spending” and then he says spend on railways (no one uses). How do you spend and not spend? It’s doublespeak. George Orwell’s “1984.” He thinks he’s pleasing “both sides of the aisle.” He mentions “amnesty for illegals.” Ben Stein said, “Fathom the odd hypocrisy that the government wants every citizen to prove they are insured, but people don’t have to prove they are citizens.” O then says, “Tax the rich (the job-creators).” That’s code for “spread the wealth,” the anthem of “The Communist Manifesto.” He’s got to keep his commies happy. They put him there, they and the centrists.

Then he says, “Win the future!” quoting Newt Gingrich’s book! Obama is one of us!


The communist has begun his 2012 campaign for the dumb people. Rumor has it that Obama high-fived Michelle backstage after his speech at the Arizona victims’ memorial.

The tea party prevented Obama’s takeover. People like me are on top of him, watching his every snakey lie. That thing called taqiyya allows Muslims to lie for Allah. (To me, it looked like O choked on the word “God” when he said “God bless America” at the end of his speech.)

Whew. Well, I did my duty. I watch the pundits and the response. Paul Ryan and Michele Bachmann give very truthful, fact-filled speeches. Ryan and Bachman have the transparency, wisdom and integrity that will save our country.

O lied a lot in his Obamacare speech back in 2009. I wrote a story on it for Big Hollywood:

” I’m lying in my Tiffany blue bedroom, in the dark, listening to the president tell lies. He’s so good at it, that he is smiling and lots of people are clapping.

He says, “Public option. No one will have to change, if they like their present situation.” Lie.
He says, “My plan will not add one dime to the deficit.” Lie.
(Congressional Budget Committee speak up!)
He says that if we don’t act now, the country will fall apart. Lie.
He says that quality of health care won’t suffer. Lie
He says that there won’t be rationing, and those who say there will be are liars. Lie.
He says that the Republicans have no solutions to offer up. Lie
(Several of them lift papers into the air.)
He says that this is not socialism. Lie
He says this is the “moral” thing to do! Lie
(Take money from the middle class and give it to the non-taxpayers and illegals?!)
He says this won’t insure the illegals! Lie. …

And then, wait, I choke on my caffeine-free Diet Coke. Like a voice from above, I think I just heard someone shout out, just what I was thinking, “(You) lie!”

I can’t believe it! Someone used the real word, not the politically correct word, “disingenuous!” Nancy Pelosi’s big, arrogant smile suddenly drops, and she looks over to the Republican side of the room with the mean glare of a stern librarian! This is fantastic theatre!

I was so impressed with Joe Wilson’s moment of gut-felt honesty spurting out that I painted his name on my arm. Judge Alito mouthed the words, “That’s not true.” He’s my hero, too.

The following video is of the Sept. 12, 2009, Westwood tea party in California:

What if, just what if, Obama is the enemy, one of the Van Jones/William Ayres/Jeremiah Wright/Jarrett/Soros America-haters who are secretly intent on destroying America from the ground up and the top down? If that is the truth, Obama is succeeding.

You know that little lie detector part of your brain that knew my photograph at the top of this article was not taken in 2011, but in 1980? Use that when you listen to Obama.

Actions speak louder than words.

Next week, we’ll explore where Obama got his college tuition and where his campaign contributions came from.

Liberals lie. Conservatives tell the truth. I’d rather be a conservative.

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