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State of confusion address

Veteran talk radio host Rusty Humphries holds one of the coveted “Heaviest Hundred” spots on the Talkers magazine list. His large following is about to increase exponentially, as a whopping 22 new affiliate stations just added “The Rusty Humphries Show” to their lineups.

Now listeners from New Hampshire (WSMN) to Riverside, Calif. (KMET), will get to hear Humphries’ blend of current events and comical music – like his satirical song “Thank Allah I’m a Jihad Boy.”

Along with being a tea-party supporter, Humphries is an expert on military issues, known for his devotion to the troops. Over the past 25 years on the air, Humphries’ adventures have taken him to Iraq, Kuwait, Cuba, Guantanamo, Gaza and the West Bank. Now more people than ever will experience Humphries’ wit and wisdom.

Rush Limbaugh

Rush Limbaugh fans got a double dose of their favorite host this week, as the Golf Channel’s “The Haney Project” followed Rush’s attempts to improve his game. He wisely advised listeners to watch the show instead of Obama’s State of the Union address.

Those viewers were treated to a rare peek inside Rush’s extravagant Palm Beach radio studio, “EIB Southern Command” (FREE video).

Rush Limbaugh praised Sen. Jim DeMint, R-S.C., for having the best reaction to the State of the Union.

Otherwise, said Limbaugh, “I resent that an hour of my life is gone having had to watch this thing last night, but it’s the gig, it’s the job. It was remarkable to me, just dry and dead, and it wasn’t real.”

Reacting to the “scandalous” revelation that no African-Americans were nominated for Oscars this year, Limbaugh’s call screener and “Official Obama Criticizer” Bo Snerdley reacted with a comic monologue of his own.

Michael Savage

The State of the Union address was on Michael Savage’s mind, too. He said he needed to take an Alka-Seltzer before “the Stooge gives his speech. … Everything he says is doubletalk. Who is this schlemiel?” (FREE audio)

Savage also talked briefly about the sudden firing of Keith Olbermann from MSNBC, who’d been a frequent critic of Savage’s show (FREE audio).

Radio industry veteran Roger Fredinburg penned an extraordinary column called “Michael Savage: A National Treasure?”, which offered a rare behind-the-scenes glimpse at the evolution of conservative talk radio industry and Savage’s career in particular.

Sean Hannity

A renowned scholar, Victor David Hanson, upheld Sean Hannity as an example of an American who’s earned tremendous success without the “benefit” of a college degree.

Dick Morris, along with FOX News analyst Brit Hume, joined Hannity to analyze Obama’s State of the Union address. Hume noted, “The election last year was fought out over two issues, the economy and the question of spending and debt. The president proposed to do next to nothing about these last night.”

Hannity’s other guests this week included Ann Coulter, Joe Lieberman, Pat Caddell, Stephen A. Smith and pollsters Michael Barone and Scott Rasmussen.

A “Caller of the Day” told Hannity that she and her recently graduated doctor-husband are now not only hundreds of thousands of dollars in debt, but are facing the additional burden of trying to practice medicine under Obamacare (FREE audio).

Mark Levin

“General Electric is Obama’s Halliburton,” declared Mark Levin this week, pointing out that crony capitalism such as that promoted by the White House, is “a misuse of government” (FREE audio).

At his popular Facebook page, Levin tore apart the president’s State of the Union address, writing, “This is our Sputnik moment, [Obama] says, at the same time he is cutting NASA’s budget (one of the few programs he wants to cut), directed its top administrator to focus on Muslim outreach and entered into a treaty with the Russians that weakens our strategic defense efforts.”

Levin even accused the president of plagiarizing parts of the SOTU (FREE audio).

Glenn Beck

S.E. Cupp is the latest new employee at Glenn Beck’s media company, Mercury Radio Arts. A telegenic favorite with young conservatives, Cupp is the author of two books, “Why You’re Wrong About the Right” and “Losing Our Religion: The Liberal Media’s Attack on Christianity.”

After Keith Olbermann was fired by MSNBC, the Internet was abuzz with the claim that Glenn Beck had in fact predicted Olbermann’s firing two months ago. See what you think when you watch this archived web cam clip (FREE video).

Glenn Beck is fighting back against charges of “anti-Semitism” made against him by progressive Jewish groups. He’s announced that his new documentary, “Rumors of War” (about the dangers of a nuclear Iran) will prove how pro-Israel he really is (FREE video).

And now, from the left side of the dial …

It gets tiresome to ask the rhetorical question, “Can you imagine the reaction if a conservative said this?”

This week, progressive talk radio host Stephanie Miller and a guest indulged in a witless exchange in which Miller remarked that House Majority Leader John Boehner “is a darker color than the president” (FREE audio).

Except Miller used a rude nickname for “Boehner” that can’t be repeated here. The entire conversation sounded more like two middle school students giggling about their teachers’ quirks than serious political analysis. Yet progressives wonder why they don’t succeed in talk radio.